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Before you hire a dog trainer, here are five questions you should ask to make sure you are hiring a training professional who will fit your needs. Before you go forward with hiring the right person to help you with your beloved put, here are some questions you should be asking before taking the plunge with a new dog trainer. In your consultation, you will decide how many sessions the trainer feels it will take to see real improvement in your dog's behavior. 5 Lessons from a Professional Dog TrainerYou can find plenty of conflicting advice for training your dog and so this highly rated professional dog trainer shares his most valuable dog training lessons. The biggest part of the process is teaching you how to "be the boss" with your dog and consistently communicate the correct behaviors every day. Tips from Dog Trainers and Child-development ProsDog experts, including highly rated animal trainers on Angie's List, offer several suggestions for how dog owners can be more effective.

Whether you are there to train a new puppy how to walk with a leash, an older dog not to chew on the furniture, or for advanced agility courses, you should know by the end of the set of lessons if those goals were met. Perhaps you have a new puppy and don't know where to begin, or you have a dog whose behavior leaves something to be desired in certain key areas. Know exactly how much that will cost you, and then ask how much extra lessons will cost if you would like to continue after the initial training period. The key is to seek out a trainer who uses a training method that you would be comfortable employing with your dog.
States do not require them to be licensed, but she should be a member of a professional dog training organization and educated at a reputable school. From the start, you and your trainer should have a clear set of goals established for improving your dog's behavior.

You may even have a wonderfully well-behaved dog and you want to take their skills to the next level. See if she can honestly assess the issues and tell you exactly what it will take to get your dog on the right track.
This is vital to training success because she is not just training your dog, she is training you.

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