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Forum to discuss pit bull dogs and topics about health, training, events, rescue, breed specific legislation and history. ChDynomite04-06-2011, 09:43 AMWe use the Dynomite dogs (frisco) they are highly intelligent and when tought what to go for they usually acomplish their task. CajunCountryK908-09-2011, 10:13 PMWhich ever ones you are putting in the woods that make it back to see their feed pans!
When it comes to chasing and catching wild hogs, Deshotels says it’s all about his dogs, not his trucks.
When hogs stop to face the tracking dogs, they pick a spot that gives them the advantage over their pursuers. Despite its risks and dangers, Deshotels says catch-and-release hog hunting is good for the soul.
Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. Yesterday my friend and mentor Mel, invited me to go with him and another fellow named Jay who has two young dogs and a tag for our area.
We hiked on and soon the screen showed that the dogs should be right in front of us at about 50 yards. God must have a special place for dogs, and these guys are up there making the Saints smile. If you are going to hunt in wolf country you might want to take a few extra pitbulls, shar-peis, or presa canarios to guard your hounds while they do their job sniffing out cats or other predators. First off they were not my dogs, second off the wolves were re-introduced to set up a situation the the left could call for an end to hunting because of the danger the wolves would be having in hunters.
What’s really amazing about them is that even though they are fearless and can kill wolves they have a good enough personality to allow them around children. There are numerous references in the older literature about the salutory influence of gunpowder on the predatory beasts of America.
I posted on the other thread what a tragedy this is, and I really feel for the men who lost their beloved dogs. Again I am so so sorry for you lost however if you are going to hunt in Wolf territory you should stay within closer range of your hunting dogs.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I personally have never been on a hunt, but assume (you know what they say about that) since they have been hunting for years and keep a yard of them that they are worth the feed.
They stay on the head of a Hog and can move real good to stay out of trouble and have plenty of mouth to not loose hold.

For instance, his hobby since age 15 is wrestling and tying up wild hogs each winter, and selling them to nearby hunting preserves. In fact, wildlife agencies nationwide are increasingly alarmed as wild hogs expand their range and population. Their primary trucks are a 2005 Sterling LT 8500 with a 4,000-gallon Progress aluminum tank and 400-cfm Wittig pump. By limiting the tracking job to three dogs, Deshotels ensures the dogs don’t grow overconfident. Wolves are a part of wilderness, and wilderness is what our forefathers spent a great deal of time and effort ridding this country of. Leave the wild animals alone and quit forcing your domesticated dogs to run around in the wilderness pissing off wild animals.
You do not re-introduce dangerous killing machines the farmers and hunters eliminated for safety back into the area in the name of animal rights. Those dogs were following orders from you and your friends, and those orders directly resulted in their deaths. Farmers, ranchers and normal citizens all over the the country are paying the price for the left bringing the hated wolf back so idiots like you can blame the hunter! Now, thanks the incompetence of those in charge of protecting HUMANS and their Hunting DOGS, every one of these wolves need to be hunted down and killed PERIOD! Hunting is a tradition in this country and the use of dogs is necessary when hunting predators.
Find some plans for a good incinerator with a spark arrestor on top of the flue—a very useful piece of equipment for a shop or shed. Either that or the pack was focused on the two dogs they had already killed (or were in the process of killing). There are so many truly PRODUCTIVE things they could do.The hunters and sportsmen are the reason the damned wolves are here, our license fees pay for them.
We also us Dangerzone dogs , they r a line that was developed in florida and is now used for weightpull. States with feral hogs usually allow year-round hunting seasons with no bag limits in hope of controlling them.
Among the largest hogs they’ve caught are 400- and 500-pounders, but most run smaller. Pickups also carry captured hogs to their new homes after successful chases, but none of that’s possible without trained hunting dogs. A pack of five dogs, for instance, would likely close on the hog and try to kill it, risking their own safety in the process.

We finally got bogged down in very heavy snow and the Garmin Astro collars were saying that the dogs were still about a mile above us and that they were treeing.
Especially in this case, because they are an endangered species that was re-introduced to an area that the humans are told they cannot defend themselves from the animal. He tells me that the wolves are getting bad there but Idaho is getting ready to release another 100 wolf permits.
I have no doubt denial will play a huge role in delaying this as long as possible, and also delay the inevitable remediation which will be necessary if humans are going to live outside the urban cesspools. I’m really surprised this isn’t a story of these men losing ALL of their dogs (or even their own lives)!
Yes dogs are descents of wolves however years and years of breed have made domesticated dogs the ways they are however wolves are still the same they have not changed.
By removing ornery hogs from one property and releasing them where they’re valued for their meat and hunting opportunities, Deshotels satisfies two customers at once. At about 500 yards the Astro showed that the dogs were still treeing but since we could not hear anything we became concerned that the system was not working right. The thought of the wolves behind us, the dogs that had just been killed and of the two that we could not find were about all I could handle. We were due for some good luck and right then the collars for Lilly and Elvis lit up the screen and appeared to be about 1 mile ahead of us on the main road. We need to shoot them when they are a problem and make them very afraid to even think about going near a human, or anything that belongs to a human.
Dead, and uneaten elk, deer, cattle, and sheep, that are being killed for fun by non-indigenous wolves are littering the Rockies from the Canadian border to New Mexico.
They are still going to have the same instinctual pack drives Honestly as a Professional Dog Trainer I understand your lost but also understanding dog Language you also need to understand the wolf side of it to.
Mel and Jay walked downstream to gather dogs and look for the track while I was searching the far bank. I talked to Mel and he is very frustrated, not just because he lost a great dog but also because he called a local game biologist who told him that our dogs were killed not 500 yards from a known denning site. Since part of our plan was to get Jay’s dogs Top and Lilly some experience we grabbed Earl and Fancy and put them back in the rig. Wolves are extremely territorial animals as are some dogs are still imprinted with this instinctual behavior.

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