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I was not lucky enough to know her as I became involved in Anatolian Shepherds about the time of her death. We have no pups or dogs currently available but our friends in Illinois do have a male available. We want to see the working Anatolian Shepherd Dog preserved and those dogs meeting the correct temperament type for the work involved will be sold to such homes. She traveled to Turkey extensively and brought home many of the foundation dogs of our breed.
However, she has reached through time with her articles, photographs, friends and her dogs to teach us about the wonderful breed of dog she loved. His name is NOAA and he is a sweet companion dog (not trained for livestock) and is neutered.

If you are a first time Anatolian Owner you will be required to go over our booklet in detail and answer some questions.
We will have a contract for our puppies that protects the puppy and outlines the responsibilites you have towards your puppy and to us, as well as our obligations to you and to your puppy. Please see the Diet & Care Requirements for information about the health guarantees we offer and how to qualify for them. Homes getting their first Anatolian Shepherd or their first dog will be encouraged to get one pup at a time so that you can spend the time needed to properly train and socialize your pup and learn to be a good owner before another puppy is added to the mix. She founded the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of Great Britain and wrote many articles for and about the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.
We take being a responsible breeder very seriously and we will be here for the lifetime of each and every puppy we produce.

Under no circumstances is any Pendraig Anatolian Shepherd Dog to be resold, given way, abandoned, left at a shelter or pound, traded or donated without our written consent. Because puppies personalities are best assessed by the breeder it will not be possible for you to pick your puppy out unless more than one fits your needs and is available.
No-one really knew how old she was when Natalka imported her, but Natalka had her for well over 10 years.
For more detailed information see Diet & Care Requirements and Buyer Responsibilities.

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