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The Afghan is an aristocrat, his only appearance of all dignity and pride, with no trace of clarity or coarseness. Hindquarters, flanks, ribs, forequarters, and legs well covered with thick, silky hair, very fine texture, ears and all four feet well feathered, in front of the shoulders, back and shoulders to over the saddle of the flanks and the ribs upwards, the hair is short and tight, forming a smooth back in mature dogs - this is a traditional feature of the Afghan hound. When running free, the Afghan Hound moves at a gallop, showing great elasticity and spring in his step smooth and powerful.

Afghan hound is elegant, lively, like to live a comfortable, modern residential, can adapt to apartment living, but requires a lot of movement of the space and the opportunity to require daily combing hair, professional trimming should be done two to three times per year. The Afghan Hound should be shown in its natural state, the layer is clipped or not clipped, the head is surmounted (in the full sense of the word) with a topknot of long silky hair - which is also a prominent feature of the Afghan Hound. When on a loose lead, the Afghan can trot at a fast pace, stepping along, has the appearance of placing the hind feet directly in the footprints of the front feet, both thrown forward.

Moving with head and tail high, the whole appearance of the Afghan Hound is one of great style and beauty.

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