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Poodles are smart and intelligent dogs which is why they are an especially good choice for any first time dog owner. Up until four months of age, the best idea is to feed puppies a small amount 4-5 times a day. Between four to six months reduce their meals to 3 times a day.  This should constitute a good dog diet. After a year, whether you have been advised to feed your dog adult dog food or not, it is a good idea to ask your vet to check out your dogs weight again, just to make sure that you’re on the right track. There are so many different varieties and brands of dog treats on the market these days that it can be confusing to select the right treats for your pet.
A new dog owner should also look at the ingredients that the treats contain to determine of those treats are healthy for their pet.
Treats that are high in preservatives can also harm their pet’s health, so it’s best that new dog owners look for treats which are natural or contain the least amounts of preservatives. Finally, once a new dog owner has selected a treat which is healthy and nutritious, it is also important to bear in mind how often the treat is given.
At the end of the day, how to choose the right dog treats is just as important for the owner, as it is for their pets.
Golden RetrieverGolden retrievers are the classic American family dogs, and there are good reasons why. Though many new dog owners seek out small breeds for their first pups, not everyone wants to go that route. We looked at our survey of 218 veterinary professionals (including veterinarians, veterinary technicians and office managers) to get their takes on the best large breed dogs for the inexperienced.
The Miniature or Toy Poodle was the top pick for best small dogs for new owners, and the Standard Poodle ranks third among large dog breeds. Additionally, a large dog who hasn't received training and socialization has the potential to cause even more serious damage than his smaller counterparts.
They love people and will want to be involved in everything whether this is sitting on your lap or going for a walk. They were breed purely for companionship so it should come as no surprise that they are also a fantastic little dog for first time dog owners. They love to be with their family so they are probably not the best breed to choose if you are planning to leave them on their own for long periods.

Make sure you feed your dog with puppy food as it has the required nutrients to promote a healthy dog. They will then remain on two meals a day for the remainder of their life. You should stick with the puppy food until your dog is between 12 – 18 months old. Exercise is important to make sure you maintain your healthy dog, as this is the point where obesity in dogs becomes more apparent. Many people, once the dog is past the puppy stage, tend to feed their dog some food from their plate.
There are a few criteria a new dog owner can use to help him find just the right treat for his pet.
He tends to get along well with just about anyone, including strangers, children and new dogs. The breeds listed here were chosen by veterinary professionals because, generally speaking, they exemplify qualities that make them among the easier breeds for people who don't have a lot of experience with dogs. They are cuddly and love affection, and love their families, making them perfect for novice dog owners.
Their coat needs a lot of attention so regular grooming is essential, and it can be a little much for some new dog owners. Just like the owner needs a balanced diet to stay healthy, their pet also depends on a balanced diet to grow up healthy and strong. Treats should be used as a reward for good behaviour and as a training aid, not as a method of getting the dog to stop whining or irritating the owner. They are also eager to please their owners, which makes them a snap to train, an attribute that should be attractive for first-time dog owners. He does require a fair amount of exercise and can be a bit stubborn, but as long as he's spending time with his people (whether out on trails or snuggling on the sofa), he's usually quite happy.
She tends to be a vivacious and entertaining dog who's fairly easy to train and deeply loves her family, but that curly coat (which sheds less than many others, although should not be considered truly hypoallergenic) requires regular grooming. The Labrador is best in an active family that will spend time outdoors with her, hiking, swimming or participating in dog sports like agility (health permitting, of course). People are often drawn to Goldens for their smiling faces and beautiful (although not maintenance free) coats, but it's generally the breed's enthusiasm for life and gentle, loving temperament that really seal the deal. Will the dog destroy my home, or will it takes hours to train the dog, or will the dog constantly bark.

They can however be quite stubborn at times, but will be quite happy either playing with children or sitting on the laps of an older person. They love their families and will want to be with you at all times, which is why they are probably not the best choice if they are to be left at home on their own for lengthy periods. Their coat will need a lot of attention and grooming, so be prepared for regular visits to the doggy beauty parlor. Just remind your kids to be gentle, although this little dog thinks he bigger than he actually is, he is still small and fragile.
They can be very vocal and can sometimes bark a  lot which can be a bit overwhelming for a first time dog owner.
It might be a good idea to consult with your vet to make sure your dog is at a healthy weight.
If you wish to give your dog a treat, its worth looking at the various nutritious snacks available for dogs, and you should use these when training your dog to sit, roll and stay. Treats are a wonderful way to reward a dog for good behaviour and they are also an invaluable training tool, but like any training tool, treats can be misused or even abused. Just like pet food, treats will contain nutrients designed for a particular dog, so it’s important to choose a treat which is suitable for your puppy, you adult dog or even your aging canine.
Most new dog owners would do well to remember that the behaviour rewarded will be perpetuated, so if they give a treat to their dog to quiet them down or to stop whining or to stop barking, to the dog that treat is a signal that the behaviour is good and it should do it again to get another treat. She can be a bit rambunctious for homes with toddlers, does not handle isolation well and is prone to trying to eat just about anything, but her loving demeanor and adaptability more than make up for all that, according to her many fans.
There are hundreds of different breeds out there, and most will make be a great dog for a first time owner. This is why it is so important that new dog owners choose the right do treats to begin with and also why new dog owners should pay attention to how and when they dispense those treats.
However there are few breeds that are ideal for first time dog owners, and will make the experience of owning a dog an easy and joyful one.

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