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Don’t forget to tell what kind of new owner you are looking for, what kind of breed your puppies are and which region you are living in. If you have no patience to wait for a new owner: go and give your puppies to your local pet shelter. I forgot to say that she knows how to sit when you say to, or to snap your fingers and point down, and knows how to fetch. I would like any size dog as long as it is young pup so I can raise it If you can help me that would be great I live in Oregon.

I am looking for a free or fee-reduced Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu mixed breed puppy in Southeast Mass.
I am looking for a silkie yorkie terrier or anything you have or a tea cup .please let me know what is out there would love to adopt two if that is possible right away .
But rest assured: your puppies will be much happier if they can go straight to a dog lover who is desperately looking to adopt a puppy for free!
I don’t know how much we will save up but we are looking for a loving puppy that needs a nice permanent home.

However, if you take too long to take her out she will not cry she just will go where she pleases, but part of having a puppy is to give them lots of attention, and patience. I would be most interested in making arrangements with you to come and look at them (and maybe) bring the puppy home with me.

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