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At NEADS, a "furloughed favorite" is a dog who, for behavioral, temperamental or medical reasons, doesn't meet our strict standards to become a working dog. Yoffe received dozens of letters from readers who had similarly frustrating experiences with pet adoption.
Yoffe says pet rescue groups are looking for the absolute perfect homes for the animals they care for, and in the screening process are preventing dogs and cats from going to good homes. We have rescued dogs that have been left in abandoned houses, tied to trees in the woods, dropped in the median strip of a major highway. The adoption process is complex, and all the information we collect helps us to develop a picture of the adoptive family and the dog that would be best for them. These dogs are then put up for adoption to the general public.NEADS has extremely high standards for its assistance dogs and recognizes that not every dog is meant to be a working dog.
We are a group of mostly volunteers, led by shelter director Leslee Colucci, determined to help every dog that enters our facility in every way possible. A longtime pet lover and owner, she wanted to adopt a second rescue dog and found the lengthy application forms and rigorous screening process frustrating. There is a very good reason why we are interested in whether applicants intend to have children We want to make a match that is right not only now but during all of the years that the family will share their life with the dog. However, every dog deserves a loving family.In order to adopt a furloughed favorite, click the link below and fill out the application. Our Mission is to provide a safe, welcoming facility for stray, lost or unwanted dogs and find homes best suited for each individual. Our Labs come from many different shelters in these states, as well as from families who, for many different reasons, are forced to give up their dogs.

We rescue puppies, old dogs, dogs ill with heartworm or cancer, blind dogs, deaf dogs, dogs with only three legs. We work to find the right match between dog and family, so that everyone will be happy with the result. They may be elderly owners who can no longer care for them, military families who are shipped overseas to areas they cannot take dogs, or sadly, families who have lost their homes due to foreclosure and can’t take their beloved pets with them.
We rescue dogs that have lived in a loving home all their lives, but we also rescue dogs that have been beaten, starved, and abandoned. We know, for example, that it is important for a dog to be socialized with young children in order it to be comfortable with them.
Lockwood’s statement actually refers to “purported rescuers.” Actually, there have been a number of occasions when we and other rescue groups have rescued Labs from hoarding conditions and found adoptive homes for them.
But we will never rescue a dog from a bad environment and place it in another bad or inappropriate environment. If you are interested in a dog that appears on the email list, please respond as soon as possible. When these dogs come to us we have a commitment to nurse them back to health if necessary and find an appropriate home for them. There are no “drop dead” questions, and no “required responses.” Applicants are also interviewed by an adoption coordinator and references are checked.
For everyone’s safety, we do not place dogs without a child history in families with children under 10. Each group presumably places its dogs responsibly in accordance to a policy, process and knowledge of each dog, although there are variances among rescue organizations.

After many years of experience, we have determined that all of this information is important if we are to place the dog in an appropriate environment.
Our applicants with young children often have to wait a little longer for the right dog, but once they have taken their new family member home, they are glad they waited.
Not everyone is open to the minor accommodations needed by a blind dog, can devote the necessary time to care for a puppy, or is equipped to nurse a sick dog back to heath. Not every dog can go to every environment, and we use the information we obtain to find the right match.
A subsequent conversation with the adoption coordinator might reveal that the applicant would be a great adopter for such a dog and, despite the front steps, lives in a one-story home where there is another suitable entry. It could be that the person is home more or has a fenced back yard for a dog with a lot of energy to burn. Each of our temperament-tested dog has a “personality.” Some may need work with trainers or a quiet home. Rescue volunteers who work closely with their dogs should be respected for their knowledge of each dog’s needs, which aren’t often obvious at adoption shows or shelters.

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