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During the month of October, PAWS Seattle is offering $50 adoption fees for all adult dogs who are seven years and older. There are millions of homeless dogs, many of which came from reputable breeders and puppy mills and many of which end up in foster homes. Adoption of a pre-owned pet is a great option however finding the correct match for your needs can be tricky. An annual event, this year's airlift was a record breaker - with 25 planes transporting more than 1,000 dogs and cats from shelters in California to new lives in the Pacific Northwest and Midwest.
From mother cats with newborn kittens to senior dogs and orphaned Harbor Seal pups, PAWS is here to give them comfort and care when they need it most.
PAWS Seattle is celebrating with an adoption fee of $50 (reduced from $75) for all adult dogs who are seven years and older. Senior dogs are wise and wonderful companions who offer patience, affection, and friendship and are often more laid back than their younger canine counterparts.

Senior dogs have already known the love and warmth of a home and family and are ready to renew a bond with a new family.
And if you're thinking of adding to your family, you can help contribute to this success by adopting a sweet PAWS senior. Luckily there are some tools and basic guidelines that you can use to ensure you find a dog that is right for you and your family. Many adoption organization offer a grace period between you and your new family member. And look for mentions of our Home for the Holidays adoption special too, with fees waived for some of the cuties searching for their happy ending this holiday season. Unlike puppies, senior dogs tend to be low-key and prefer leisurely walks to running and playing. Senior dogs are equally happy joining you on an evening walk or keeping you company while you watch a program or read a book.

Not that cost should matter since the cost of ownership is much higher, but clearly adoption is a better economic decision.
For those who live in the Seattle area and have hectic lives, senior dogs are perfect companions to come home to.
Even for someone who do probably not love dogs, or individuals who don't like to have pets at residence, that cruelty does not make sense. There'll no loneliness anymore as individuals a reasonably dog or cat to attend for them at home.

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