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Most likely, that stiff cotton leash will simply break the next time your dog gives a strong tug on it.
It also makes it easy for anyone who comes upon you and your dog (perhaps when you’re playing fetch at the park) to see that your dog is on-leash and under your control even when at a distance. Using this leash you only have to get within 50 feet of your dog to regain complete control. You can let this leash drag behind your dog, freeing you up to focus on your training and giving your dog the feeling of being off-leash – but quickly grab the leash if the need arises.

When you use a long lead (that simply drags on the ground behind your dog as a safety mechanism for the moments when your dog decides to take off), your dog learns how to do things such as coming when called and heeling without the restriction of a leash from the get-go.
The Best Long Dog Leash for Training and Play 50 Feet Long 1 Inch Nylon Visible Durable Strong and Made in the USA - Best Pet Supplies Product Reviews For Any Kinds Pet! You can train your dog as if they were off-leash, while still having the peace of mind that they won?t be able to run away. I’ve found that this awareness actually fosters greater responsibility in the OTHER dog owners I encounter as well – in fact, many of them ask me where I got my awesome leash!

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