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Puchi has evolved into a fashion company for dogs specialising in up to date high street fashion, so if emerald green is on the catwalk we will produce emerald green collars to keep up with the trends. At the time of launching, designer petwear was virtually non-existent, we designed a range of collars, leads, t-shirts, coats and accessories to bring petwear into the 21st century.
Puchi Petwear is THE online pet boutique bringing fashion and style to the wonderful world of dogs. Luxury and Bling Designer Leather Dog Collars, by Bristish Designer Puchi Pet Wear, made in the UK. Puchi Petwear handmade thick quality leather studded collars specially made for the larger dog and will suit many of the stockier dogs also.
Puchi Pet Wear hand made thick quality leather studded collars especially made for the larger dogs.

Give your Puchi a smart dash of modern elegance with the latest luxurious designer collars. Our latest addition to smarten your Puchi with this elegant special day out collar that will certainly make your dog stand out from the crowd for those posh occasions.
We understand that every fashion conscious pet owner loves to treat his or her dog to the very best.
Super stylish, they have a polka dot lining to compliment the collar and a dazzling diamante buckle for that extra bling!
They are back by popular demand but are more improved, they have more sparkly swarkovski crystals inset on a black collar. They are back by popular demand but are more improved, they have more sparkly swarkovski crystals inset on a candy pink collar.

This super stylish metallic silver collar has a diamante buckle with large diamante detailing. Your Puchi will look special in these soft and comfortable collars which also have the Puchi P diamante tag. To further enhance this collar we have added a dazzling diamante buckle for that extra bling and our normal trademark diamante P.
Letters are sold seperately.Please note that these dog collars are for decorative use only and should not be attached to a leash.

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