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Dog and puppy pictures are often in random order so make sure you scroll through all of these and other posts pictures during the month if you are looking for your pup. Thank you Russell for your dedication and compassion for training & helping homeless dogs. Russell is not only one of my dearest friends, but the guru of dog training, behavior and all things dog!

You are so impressive; I cannot believe how much you know about dogs and how fast the dogs are learning.
If the trainer cannot explain and answer to you in a suitable manner, sells you something you don’t need, uses harsh, unnecessary, abusive dog training equipment (choke chains, pronged collars, electric collars, buzz collars, E collars, Tingle collars, stimulation collars, tickle collars or whatever the euphemism is at the moment), fire them and find yourself a competent dog training professional.
That is the most important aspect of any relationship, whether it is professional or personal.  If you don’t feel comfortable with your dog trainer, move on and find one you do feel comfortable with.

After just one session with Russell we were so relieved to learn about his approach to training and just the overall positive energy he brought into our home.

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