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Rapid Typing Tutor is another good typing tutor for intermediate learners who want to improve their typing in a new and interesting way.
Although Rapid Typing Tutor has a multitude of features, I would not recommend it to beginners. I suggest outright beginners start with Kiran's Typing Tutor because of the informative lessons Kiran gives.
I have made a free online typing training application where you can enter your own texts in any language or copy a text from a website directly and it will clean it up in plain text for you.
If you are interested in upping your WPM (words per minute), then try one of these freeware programs.

The only feature Stamina Typing Tutor doesn't possess is virtual hands, but I find this is a marginal issue because most people don't need virtual hands to type any faster then they normally do. The introductory lessons do a wonderful job teaching proper habits, techniques, and posture to use whilst typing for optimum productivity.
When you have finished typing a set of letters or words, the screen changes, making it hard to type at a constant speed.
You can also set up custom time and view comprehensive statistic typing info, quite detailed.
You will definitely notice the difference if you have used other typing tutors with side scroll.

I would recommend Stamina Typing Tutor as the best typing program for users who already have some basic typing skills. However, it is a great program for people who have memorized where most of the keys are and just want to become more proficient in their typing skills. Kiran also teaches you a variety of different hand exercises and stretches to perform before a rigorous typing session.

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