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Description: Sometimes a dog comes along in rescue and reminds us even more of the love and resilience dogs show. Description: Penelope the young Aussie mix is an active, athletic dog who is very bright ( as you'd expect from her mix), loves kids and walks and play time, good with other dogs although she comes on strong at first meeting, and fine with cats. Description: Piglet is an adorable, goofy eared mixed up mutt puppy with a heart of gold, a passion for other dogs, and a love of the kids. Description: Porkchop is a silly name for a silly, sweet puppy who loves nothing more than a good romp with the other dogs and then snuggles. Well house trained, not a chewer, good with the other dogs at her foster home and used to a visiting grandchild, she is a well adjusted and confident, happy dog.
She is house trained, crate trained, tolerant of other dogs but has always lived alone and we think after 10 years, she likes it that way.

He does very well in a busy household with kids coming and going, and is instant friends with the dogs and cats he meets, although may chase a cat who runs.
Great with kids and other dogs, he's a young dog who is excited to see the world and learn about everything out there.
Playing with toys, playing with kids, playing with other dogs, she is always looking for some fun and thrilled to be out and about.
He is always willing to go along with whatever you ask of him, loves walks and meeting new people and dogs, and is excellent with kids.
She is used to dogs, cats and kids, and although she can be a little shy at first she warms up quickly.
He loves walks and car rides, is very patient with children, does well meeting new people and dogs.

He's great with other dogs, hasn't been with cats so we don't know but he's such a gentle guy we would assume he'd be ok.
We read through the application, check references, and once approved (we aim for 24-48 hours to approve or deny), we set up a visit with you and the foster home or direct you to an adoption event to meet the dog(s).

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