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Your dog doesn't have to have a tag when they are sporting this trendy not so boring Red and Navy polka dot embroidered customized dog collar. These Customized dog collars are durable- made with 1 inch wide heavy nylon dog collar webbing- (not the thin nylon), welded D rings ( no chance of the ring opening up if the dog pulls) and quick release side buckles, making them safe even for larger breeds.We use beautiful trendy fabrics and nice bright grosgrain ribbon in lots of colors so the collar stands out on your dog and holds up well with washing. To ensure that the personalization is in the right spot on the collar, proper measuring is a must!

They come out looking brand new!We embroider the ribbon (or fabric) with your dog's name and phone number (or just name if you prefer) and sew it onto the nylon webbing so you can't see the stitching from the back. Then we assemble the collar according to your measurements and you have a beautiful custom embroidered collar for your precious pup!

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