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Big Dog Motorcycle maintainence service items and oils lubricants oil motor transmission oil owners manual handbook torco spark plugs leads  Heres typical Oils Plus filters pads manuals etc for you bike- any probs call 01773835666 Custom Cruisers recomend and  use Torco US Made top quality oils as many drag racers have found they do not break down like conventional oils if you use synthetic- or lose their viscosity under extreme heat with no black sludge problems- ending your engine life ! BIG DOG motorcycle EHC test set 2005-2008 BDM -260-00059-00 rare original test set tester main loom and brain NEW- was over $1000!
BIG DOG motorcycle EHC test set 2005-2008 BDM -260-00059-00 rare original test set tester was over $1000! Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 synthetic motorcycle oil is formulated to help offer outstanding protection in 4-cycle, V-Twin type engines, particularly those which are air cooled and tend to run hotter than other types of engines.
The unique, synthetic structure of the Mobil 1 motorcycle oil formulations enables them to offer advantages beyond conventional motorcycle oils of similar viscosities.

Huge upgrade to stock 20 micron filtration filters- Utilizing advances in synthetic media technology, the SuperPremium Oil Filters are TEST-CERTIFIED to provide filtration to retain dust, soot and other solid matter with low internal pressure relief and anti-drain back valves.
Torco Harley Davidson Gearbox Oil from Torco SGO is designed to maximize power efficiency and provide the highest level of gear protection under the most severe speed and load conditions. Harley Davidson Engine Oil from Torco V-Series SS Motor Oil 20w50 1 Litre far exceeds any manufatcurers specs! Torco Harley Davidson Engine Oil Synthetic Oil V-Series "SS" Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated using highly refined synthetic base stocks and Torco's race proven MPZ® additive providing better cooling, cleaning, ring seal, deposit control and anti-wear protection. This characteristic forces manufacturers of oils to use thickeners which will help the oil maintain its viscosity as the temperature increases.

Further, Mobil 1 motorcycle oils help provide outstanding protection against engine wear under high-temperature and high engine speed conditions.
Each of the Mobil 1 motorcycle oil formulations has been optimized to help meet the unique performance characteristics demanded by motorcycle engines and thus, provide an extremely high level of performance and protection for motorcycle engines.

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