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The PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System PIF-300 is designed for dogs over the age of 4-months-old who knows their basic commands. While compatible with most dogs, the standard collar that comes with this system is designed for average dogs over 8 pounds with a collar size of 6 to 28 inches. The nice thing about this system is that you can have as many dogs on this system as you would like, provided that they each have their collars. The PIF-300 is a convenient, wire-free pet containment system, also known as a wireless fence. Users find that they like the fact that you can have multiple dogs of different sizes on one system and that you can expand it by simply adding a second transmitter. Most of the issues users have are to do with the poor placement of the unit, training, or the dog they are attempting to use it on is not one that PetSafe would consider a good candidate.
I was hesitant to spend the money on this,but the alternative was to build a fence to keep our dog in the yard at our new home as we had done before.
The Petsafe Wireless Fence (PIF-300) is one of only two systems that does not require you to bury a boundary wire.
After recovering your strength from that lengthy installation, you train your dog just as you normally would with a electronic dog fence.
Circular Boundaries- wireless units only let you have a circular boundary, with the control box in the centre of that boundary.
Interference & Obstructions- wireless units are temperamental, like a Jack Russell in a handbag. Part of the problem is that wireless is often promoted as a one-touch solution, which is an attractive if not misleading pitch. Subject to all the above limitations, if you are going to go wireless, the Petsafe Wireless is the better choice. The PetSafe Wireless Fence transmitter unit is large, a little bigger than a one-gallon paint can.
An advantage with wireless units is that the boundary correction extends out infinitely so the dog cannot run through the boundary line. The Petsafe Wireless collar is a larger collar, around the size of two boxes of matches and is appropriate for dogs over about 15 lbs. Hear what our customers are saying about the Dog Fence DIY difference:I found Dog Fence DIY by accident. Our price on the PetSafe IF-300 is the lowest price that PetSafe allows anyone to sell the unit and includes free shipping and a free copy of the Dog Fence Experts Guide to Installation and Training! I recently bought the PIF-300 wireless system for my Golden-Lab,she is 7 months old and into everything!
I purchased the Petsafe Wireless containment system about 4 years ago for my female Labrador. ADMIN – Hi Allen, unfortunately there is not a wireless fence system that will work for dogs under 12 lbs. My dad recently let me have his petsafe wireless fence that he used on a Labrador Retriever and a German Shorthair. If you are going to use a wireless system with an American Staffordshire Terrier, I would instead use the Havahart Radial. We hear this to some extent about all the wireless systems, that there are unintentional corrections that happen when the signal gets lost through one form or another.
2)We recommend waiting until at least 6-months old; however, when a dog can understand basic commands (come,sit,stay) than they will be ok to start the training. ADMIN – Hi Terry, yes the PetSafe wireless collar will be too large for your 10 lbs dogs.

In our experience, all the wireless systems on the market will have issues with the loping terrain. Afraid the Wireless system can only be used to enclose the dogs inside a circular area, they cannot be used to exclude the dog from an area. If you are only trying to keep the dogs out of a few small garden beds, these wireless pods might do the trick without the need for a full blow dog fence system. The correction level is generally less of a concern on wireless systems, because the dog can’t run through the fence boundary, and so can get corrected for a longer time, so the PetSafe system should be fine in terms of correction strength. My neighbors have an in-ground wired fence for their two dogs (I’m not certain what brand). I just bought the model HC-8000 Plus Super Electronic Dog Fence and I would like to know if it can be buried next to a chicken wire fence.
As for other options, let me know what kind of dog or dogs you have, the size of your yard and how you want to install it and I’d be happy to recommend a fence to you. I have had not problems with my dogs running away with this system, my dogs are trained and know when to stop. To everyone reading this review, Beware of this product look at all others before concidering this one. This thing would shock my dogs every time they went in the house or crossed our underground power line.
This is very important as dogs with no training will not fully understand why they are getting corrected, and they will not understand how to avoid this correction. For larger or more stubborn dogs, you can purchase a collar designed to give them a much firmer correction to capture their attention faster. This means that if you have family members who have you watch their dogs, or take in foster dogs, that you can expand the wireless fence’s usefulness without difficulty. The batteries for these collars, like all wireless fence collars, can vary in their lifespan depending on how often your dog uses it or tests the system. These can all cause the maximum reach to be smaller than advertised and, in the case of vehicles, possibly cause your dog correction in areas that should be safe. It is suitable for home use or can be taken with you on a trip to provide your pet the freedom to be securely off leash without the need for a fence. It will also contain 50 flags to give your dog a clear visible boundary line that you can use for training.
They praise the system’s effectiveness when it comes to keeping their dogs contained within the yard without the need for costly fences that can block their view.
While the batteries often last several months on most dogs, those that use it more often or cause it to activate more frequently will, naturally, use more battery power than those that stay within the safe lines. Wireless dog fences do not work with slopes, trees, metal, metal gates, metal siding, metal roof, aluminum siding and sheds. My German shepherd is very smart that she learned if she runs across the barrier line that she does not get shocked. My dog has also never been trained on a wireless fence, and she’s very hard headed when it comes to training. I bought this through sams club and have found it to be a huge stress releiver, now my dogs do not run away anymore and that is a good thing!
I purchased this shortly after moving into a new home, I read and reread the instructions and went through the whole training process, however my dogs were continuously being shocked for no reason and became afraid to even go through a door, the collars are real cheap and seem to malfunction alot. The collars fell apart and the button covers came out causing the collar to remain on continuously without my dogs being anywhere near the lines.
For anyone that is thinking about purchasing a dog fence, you must check out Dog Fence DIY.

Read our Dog Containment Systems 101 guide, visit our library, or check out our frequently asked questions. You can also customize this to fit your dog correctly by selecting the longer or shorter prongs depending on your dog’s hair length to ensure proper connection and comfort. Unfortunately the PIF-300 wireless dog fence system does not have a paging feature to locate a lost collar. When I take the dogs for a car ride or to the dog park I had always turn the receiver off without any problems and drove them to the park.
I heard that a wireless fence will not work for this breed since they have high pain tolerance. Bought because I thought it would start with a low corrective shock and get stronger as the dog failed to retreat.
My dogs took to it very well but when the collar messed up one of my dogs developed a severe burn like spot next to the polls of the collar which got infected severely.
I have a little over 5 acres and more that 3,000’ of boarder including a paved road that I would have to cross with a wired fence so I purchased a wireless unit.
Answering these questions will help me match your dog to the best electric dog fence system. Seems like we will need multiple base stations to accomodate at least a significant portion of the 2 acre lot. A few weeks ago we were approx 9 miles away from our receiver in the car one of our dogs collars began to beep and shock our german shepherd.
We have tried everything new collars, sprays, and training but every time we leave them alone for more then ten minutes the collar is destroyed. I ordered the Petsafe Stubborn Dog system, then changed over to this wireless system when I saw how easy the installation was.
The outside transmitter would make my installation easier, but all reviews suggest not using this product.
The company shipped me a new collar and informed me that the pulse from the collar makes it impossible to burn the skin, but that many dogs have this happen to them.
This allows you to contain dogs of a variety of sizes and temperaments, with each dog having a collar than suits their needs. As you can imagine the dog was freaking out and we were frantic to get the collar off of her almost wrecking in the process.
The lesson learned is You get what you pay for, protect your pets from unjust punishments, stay away from this item and invest in something better. The boundary wire and transmitter are the only components that send corrections to the dog collar.
We used an in ground fence for our previous dog and had problems with the wire breaking; however, I am afraid after reading the reviews that a wireless fence might shock her incorrectly. The one dog only needs a beep to remind her, we tried turning the shock off and attaching the box to a choke but then the box was eaten off. We do not recommend using a generator because if it looses power, your dog will not be contained.
So far we have not had any problems with the new collar but the other dogs collar (the other old collar) will randomly make one beeping sound every once in awhile (in the boundary) that terrifies our dog but does not shock her.

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