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Vet Tip: Try not to react so negatively when you know your dog has been snacking on his poo. If all else fails, some dogs respond positively to the addition of fresh pineapple to their food.
I believe this is a very normal and natural behavior in some dogs, fortunately for myself i haven’t yet had the pleasure of dealing with a dog that displays Coprophagia. Her animal family has included 13 Alpine Goats, 40 Chickens, 20 Turkeys, 3 Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs, a number of Turtles, 2 Raccoons, 1 Opossum , her share of Cats and Dogs, and a Bearded Dragon named Shirley. Attention getting behavior—many dog owners get very upset when their dog eats poop…which means he is getting the attention he desires.

If your dog is crated throughout the day, consider hiring a dog walker or someone to come in during the day to clean up.
Hiding the evidence—if your dog is reprimanded for pooping (for example, in his crate or other space), he may eat the poop to stop you from finding it and getting angry. Food problems—If a dog is not getting a nutritionally balanced diet (rare, these days), or eating a poor quality food, they may be eating their poop because of a deficiency.
Remember, if your dog eats poop routinely, they are more likely to acquire parasites and you should have them checked 2-3 times a year. The natural enzyme in pineapple causes their poop to taste distasteful to them…as if it wasn’t distasteful enough!

In other words, if they poop in their space, they will “clean up” the only way they know how!
If a dog is plagued with parasites or problems that cause maldigestion or malabsorption, they may eat poop.

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