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This is a common question, and a rather unpleasant issue for most owners who find that their dogs eat their own poo or the faeces of other dogs. It was once thought that dogs displaying such behaviour had a dietary deficiency or a pancreatic enzyme deficiency but research has shown this not to be the case.
Dogs are excellent scavengers and may eat their own or other animal’s faeces simply because it smells to the dog's strong nose like it contains some nutrients or goodness.
Often the motivation for adult dogs that exhibit coprophagia remains a mystery, but it is no longer thought to be a worry where digestion is concerned, although if your dog is doing it constantly, i would still say a visit to the vet might be worthwhile. Coprophagia (the technical term for faeces eating) is unpleasant but not uncommon behaviour among dogs. Curiosity  No one is entirely sure why dogs do this but there are a couple of possible reasons.
Dogs also like things that have strong smells and excrement certainly falls into this category.
Prevention  The easiest way to deal with the problem is simply to try and pick up as soon as your dog has done his business.

There are also additives for your dog’s food that will taste fine on the way in, but become bitter when digested so the faeces becomes unpalatable. To deal with coprophagia it is first of all very important to work out why this might be happening as it is not always straight forward.
Once we have a a bit more information we will suggest a complete change of feeding patterns and owner habits. Interupt any toilet eating from a distance with perhaps a squirt of water or a Pet Corrector.
Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge. Dogs are know for urinating over the scent of other dog's urine or urine-marked spots around a territory. It might seem odd, but eating faeces may just be your dog’s way of examining something that interests him. The reason we ask so many questions is to help the owner understand how coprophragia can happen and that it is a quite natural behaviour but can be made worse for many reasons, yet cured with some simple changes.

Wolves defacate and urinate to mark the boundaries of their territory and other wolves will not cross these territory lines. Dogs interact with the world through their mouths, they like to carry sticks and love to chew on toys or bones.
In the wild, eating the puppy poo would reduce the likelihood of predators finding her vulnerable offspring.
Therefore we think it may often be simply to remove a territorial mark left by another dog or animal. There’s also the risk of acquiring parasites if your dog eats faeces from other animals. This could perhaps be linked to the common behaviour of dogs whereby they will roll in or even eat Fox poo when they discover it.

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