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When the clouds get too heavy to hold the water any longer, they drop it back to Earth in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail. Did you know that water  that falls from the sky once belonged to the ground, and the water that is on the ground once belonged to the sky.
Then comes a point when clouds gets laden with as much water as it can hold. Water falls from the sky in the form of rain, snow, hail, or sleet, this process is called precipitation. Once the water falls back on Earth it gets collected in the oceans, lakes or rivers and also on land.  On land, some of it is seeps back into the Earth and gets saved as “ground water” that plants and animals can use again to drink.
Every natural food contains water and there is no food (natural produce) that doesn’t contain water.

Shockingly, around 5000 children die a day due to water scarcity or by diseases caused due to impure water.
When someone digs a well, they are tapping into an underground aquifer to find water for drinking. Earth’s has limited amount of water and the same water gets used in one form or the other.
There are many aspects in the world that we cannot live without and one such amazing element is WATER.
Alternatively, when we calculate the mass of the earth in proportion to water surface, it is lesser than 1 percent.

When water from the ground (present in lakes, rivers oceans or elsewhere) evaporates and mixes in the air. But more than we usually see, enormous quantity of water is there inside the earth’s mantle and rocks.
Drinking pure water without minerals will make you feel your tongue very dry as it will absorb all nutrients from the tongue.

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