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Convenient zippered pouch with poop bag port: The belt leash pouch features a key clip and internal mesh pocket with exit port that holds and dispenses waste baggies. Reflective strip for added safety: The 9 inch long traffic handle features a reflective strip for visibility in low light. Tam dog running leash is perfect for running or exercising with your with your dog hands-free!

Tam Hands Free Leash system's daisy chain loops make it simple to detach the waist belt to use as a handheld leash or tether.
Tam jogging leash features a shock-absorbent, pull-reducing elastic section that stretches up to 15" for a smoother walk or run. Enter your country and zip code in the Calculate Shipping form which is below the contents of the shopping cart and click Calculate.

Tam is a great aid to teaching your dog not to pull on the leash and can be used to keep your dog close to you in the house to help with housetraining.

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