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There are many reasons why dogs pull on leashes, with the biggest reason being that they are simply excited!  Dogs need to get out of the house on a regular basis in order to get exercise and to stimulate their minds.  Going for walks also gives them opportunities for socialization and to familiarize themselves with their neighborhood, essentially creating a visual and a scent-based map in their mind so they can find home if they ever get lost. First, begin by walking by controlling the length of the leash with your left hand and looping the handle around your right wrist for safety. If your dog rushes forward and pulls, IMMEDIATELY stop walking (even if you are in mid-stride) and do not move an inch until your dog comes back to you and the tension goes away.  The SPLIT SECOND that tension disappears, continue your walk.
With consistent hard work, you and your dog should be walking in sync in no time!  Once your dog is walking nicely on the leash, I encourage you to start opening up your dog’s world by taking them to new places and introducing them to as many people and dogs as you can. Stay tuned for next week’s article in our Breaking Bad Behavior series on Nuisance Jumping!
Hi Cathy and Charles, I’m sending your behavior question on to Jessica as a topic for a future blog. I have 8 yr old chihuhua & got very tired of her pulling me to smell all the time when I took her for a walk.

Hi Hilary: It sounds like your puppy just needs some more work and positive reinforcement on leash training. Our trainer says: The best thing you can do for the well being of you cat, is to be sure to have high spaces and go to zones that are 100% dog free. Moving forward is the reward for walking without pulling, so your dog will only get to continue the walk when there is no tension on the leash what-so-ever. It sounds like your dog needs some active training because something is not totally clicking.
I believe it might be defensive, as she was kept in a cage for many hrs a day around other dogs who would torment her.
I always stop when she pulls and she will quickly come back to my side, or sit down and wait for me to start walking again – which is great! She is potty trained, but has these strange small accidents where she doesn’t even squat to go but pees in the air while walking!

My issue is my dog trying to chase my cat I have her on a lead if the cat is around to try and prevent this butbif my cat is outside and she can see her she will jump at windows scratch the doors and just go completely bananas. BUT, as soon as I take a single step, she bolts forward, sometimes so hard that she tumbles when she gets to the end of the leash (I use the easy walk, front attaching, harness). All Yorkies were bred to make noise in some form or another especially to alert their masters to the fact that they found something.

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