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But if you have trouble with your dog pulling on his leash, you need to stop this bad dog behavior. While you are out for a walk with your dog and he begins pulling on his leash, simply stop.
Continue your walk until the dog starts pulling again, stop dead in your tracks once again.
Sometimes, if you simply stop, change your direction and start walking, your dog will have to stop pulling and try to catch up with you going in the other direction.
Dogs, too, can get sunburned, so limit your dog’s exposure to hot sun.  A dog sunscreen is available from the DOGSAFE web-site.
Be extra careful about your dog walking on hot sand or asphalt.  Dogs can burn their feet, just as easily as we can.

Swimming is a great form of exercise for dogs, but be careful not to let them overdo it.  They will be using new muscles and can tire quickly.
Long-haired dogs should be well-groomed BEFORE their visit to Presque Isle, because it allows for the maximum cooling air flow through the hair. I urge everyone with dogs to remember these summer tips to help you and Fido enjoy Presque Isle together. While you can use training collars and retractable leashes, it is best to try other options first. But, walks are so important to your dog, he will soon learn that when he doesn’t pull he gets what he wants. Remember, dogs are much more susceptible to heat because they cannot cool themselves as effectively as humans.  They only sweat from their paws, and use panting to reduce their body temperature.

Dogs need not only the exercise, but also the intellectual and olfactory stimulation of walks. Do your part consistently and you will soon find that you can enjoy your walks and your dog will love them as well.

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