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Ask your dog to sit every time you stop at a crossing point or every time you stop.If you are very consistent and ALWAYS ask your dog to sit at every street corner and every time you stop for any reason, then your pooch will eventually learn to do it on his own. On Wednesday, national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) released their 10th annual year-end report, ranking animal protection laws of all 50 states for 2015. The most improved state this year per the report is New Jersey, thanks in part to that state's new comprehensive dogfighting law. The top states in animal protection laws, according to ALDF, are Illinois (1 - first for the eighth year in a row), Oregon (2), Maine (3), California (4), and Michigan (5). Other changes this year worth mentioning are Oklahoma’s (17) and Pennsylvania’s (42) increased penalties for harming a police animal, Colorado’s (8) increased animal fighting penalties, Delaware’s (12) new prohibition on leaving an animal unattended in a motor vehicle, and Tennessee’s (22) new law providing civil immunity for forcibly removing an animal from a hot car.
Click here for a PDF of the full report, which includes a map showing the three tiers of states (top, middle and bottom tier), rankings of all fifty states and territories, and details about strengths and improvements by state during the past year. Pet training tips: Train your dog not to jump on peopleJumping on guests is a normal behavior that dogs exhibit, but through proper management and training, you can change your dog’s behavior.

It’s because they have what is called “an apposition reflex”, this basically means that they have a reflex to oppose any force against them! Just stand there and wait for him to figure out that to keep on hiking he must put some slack on the leash. If you notice another dog, kid or person coming your way, and you know your pooch will  be afraid or overexcited, then gently call him to walk in a different direction.
For this to be reliable, reward your hound the first few times, as you are training the sit. And remember that it takes time and practice, your dog’s leash manners will not go away after one walk. To receive articles on animal-related issues sent to your email for free, click on 'Subscribe to Author' link below. That is why head halters and chest-clip harnesses work so well, they provide pressure in places that naturally make the dog want to walk slower.

Never use a choke chain, slip collar or pinch collar on your dog, these can harm your furry friend in the long run. Dog walking should be relaxing and enjoyable for both you and your pet, the advice written here will help you accomplish this.
Always remember to be consistent, patient and to practice a lot for best results when using these dog walking tips.

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