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Now before we start talking about best dog food weight gain tips, let’s discuss the reason that might have caused your dog’s weight loss on the first place. If you are sure that there is no physical problems that have been keeping the weight off your pet, you can easily help him gain some extra weight by making sure that he consumes more calories than he burns. Of course, if your dog has been losing weight due to certain disease or starvation, there is nothing much to discuss. One of the best dog food weight gain tips we could offer is really simple: feed him with food balanced for puppies- it contains more nutrients. We just grab a bag of dog food while shopping for ourselves and once in a while treat them with tasty bites from our own table.
If this is the case, you should probably skip this paragraph and get straight to the next one.

Some specialists suggest that the best way to help your dog add some pounds is even simpler than this: you just have to find the food he really loves and make sure that his bowl is never empty. However, there is variety of cases in which the vets recommends to put a pet on a special diet to help him pack on a several additional pounds and that is exactly why we believe that writing an article that contains the best dog food weight gain tips is a task worth our time and effort.
However, if you are not certain about the reasons behind your pet’s insufficient weight, here is a couple of tips you might want to consider. You can also speed up weight gain process by adding some fat (for example, butter or other fat you have left from baking meat) to his ordinary meals. You might find it especially useful if your dog needs to pile on some additional weight after beating some serious disease of if you have just adopted a homeless dog, which had been deprived of food in the past.
It is possible that your four-legged friend has been losing appetite and weight due to some undiagnosed disease.

This is just one of possible explanations and you should not start worrying ahead of time, but as they say, one can’t be too careful!
It is also possible that your dog has worms and thus do not get the nutrients from the food he consumes.

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