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These truly are a no nonsense dog collar that provides safety and comfort for your best friend . If you receive this item and you are not 100% completely satisfied with it's quality please send it back and we will refund the entire amount of your purchase and freight. We genuinely and sincerely value each customer as part of the Rogue Royalty family and we promise to always look after everyone. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.
Looked in several pet shops , couldn't find a decent collar , very glad I found your site Great collar ! This collar is truly what you will need if your dog is big and breaks other collars on a weekly basis.Also this is not the collar I originally ordered but without blinking an eye the team at rogue royalty sorted another for me for the same price as the one I purchased and at no extra charge.
I was searching the net for a long time to find a collar BIG enough and STRONG enough for my boerboel, and THIS IS IT!!!!! Have been really impressed with the Supa Tuff collar that I recently purchased for my English Mastiff.
The El Perro dog collar is a top quality product - handmade and resistant to strain; strongly recommended to breeders.

This tough dog collar consists of two core layers of Polypropylene with a design strip, offering a unique look. With hard-wearing rust-resistant forged fittings this collar is extra secure and remains soft to touch; offering your dog comfort while on the move. The Supa Tuff Range of Heavy Duty Dog gear is designed and made exclusively by Rogue Royalty. It's our committment to you our valued customer - of how far we go to back up our products quality and workmanship.
Our quality items are made with painstaking attention to detail with finest materials and finishing. In doing so, there are some who confuse goodwill, honesty and integrity with naivety - we humbly request that you don't.
At times incidents occur, genuine mistakes are made and we're sorry - we always do our best to make it right.
I have advertised this collar on my Facebook page ( Astrobulls American bulldogs as I'm so impressed with the quality of this product. The SupaTuff range of dog collars are premium quality tough dog collars and they are arguably the STRONGEST DOG COLLARS on the planet - made and are suitable for any type of dog, These amazing quality sturdy collars are a must for big strong dogs that require a LONG LASTING and SECURE dog collar.

We'd still be doing it today were it not for a few individuals and sadly it put and end to that.
The name SupaTuff is no gimmick - our extremely well built dog collars can hold the strongest of dogs and no dog has ever broken (or looks like it is going to break this collar). Our quality dog collars are recommended by professional dog trainers and protection specialists around the world.
The Supa Tuff dog collars are everything you need in a good tough dog collar at a very affordable price tag.
Our dog collars are rot and mildew resistant, ideal if you live in wet areas or if you're dog is an outdoor dog.

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