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As unpleasant as it may be to witness this behavior, it is actually very common in dogs and has been forever.
While there are many factors contributing to a dog’s tendency to eat its own waste, ranging from diet to animal instinct, this is a common behavior that can be stopped. So when we happen to see Fido taking an interest in eating the waste he has left behind, it is only natural for us to feel concerned and want to do something about it. Dogs will sometimes try to re-digest the food to get all of the nutrients they can from it.
Dogs are carnivores and their digestive system is built for processing meat – raw meat, to be precise. The best action pet owners can take to ensure doggie deposits are not reconsumed is to make sure pet waste does not accumulate. Before dogs were domesticated, they were scavengers that survived by eating whatever they could find. By researching and implementing a raw diet, you will better align your pet’s diet with their physiological makeup.
Keep in mind that negative attention is still attention, so make a point not to react if you see your pooch eating his left-behinds. In turn, this should work to satisfy their needs and prevent them from scavenging what they’ve left behind. But today’s dogs are not their ancestors and Coprophagia is a behavior that should be laid to rest. The consequences of eating contaminated feces will also depend on the immune system and general health of our dog.

If we keep things clean, there will be less chance for him to engage in opportunistic poop eating.During retraining, it is also important to supervise our dog closely, so that he does not practice any bad behavior on his own. Help our dog reduce stress.Identify situations that cause extreme stress in our dog, and try to reduce the number of stressful encounters. In the meantime, practice managed desensitization exercises, to help reduce his stress response.To desensitize my dog-I make sure that I am in control of the training environment.
I move a few steps back, help my dog to calm down, and then do some simple focus exercises so that I can end on a positive note.While conducting desensitization exercises, it is important to keep sessions short, fun, and rewarding for our dog.
If necessary, we can also cover the treat with our hand.As soon as our dog leaves the treat alone, mark and treat him from our other hand. Now, we can use it when our dog gets tempted by animal leavings during walks.Note that independent minded dogs may choose to eat the feces anyway, if they decide that our reward is of lesser value.
If this happens, I try upgrading my rewards, and make sure that my dog does not get within striking distance of the bad stuff. In addition, I quickly march my dog home and end the walk, if he manages to sneak in some poop eating. Take Our PollAdding meat tenderizer containing papain, in small quantities to our dog’s food, will sometimes prevent poop eating.
However, stool deterrents only work when our dog is eating his own feces, or those from other dogs in the house. My dogs explain why they get anxious when I leave them alone at unexpected times, and why the vengeance poop is not a pay-back at all, but rather a symptom of anxiety. Stop Food Aggression, Stop Resource GuardingFood aggression and resource guarding occur when a dog associates people coming near his food and resources as a negative event.

The best techniques for food aggression focuses on helping our dogs re-associate people with something good and positive.
Chicken by-product meal: the left over parts of the chicken after the prime choice cuts have been used including feet, beaks, necks etc) they also have other ingredients like high fructose corn syrup that are not good for your dog.
You will be surprised how you can pay they same as you do now for a good quality food and how much less your dog will eat and poop!
In this way, my dog learns that if he eats poop, we walk home right away and his fun walk ends.I talk more about this in the article above. I will so he giving him rice and boil chicken to help with that but when I leave fore work and put him in his play pen area and when I come back he Poo everywhere, plays and eat his poo! In addition, eating poop and having poop everywhere can also be a result of stress and anxiety, for example from being alone.
How to stop the dogs – several times a day they go outside in our own fenced backyard to do their business.
She is very active dog, we are spending a lot of time together and when we are in a separate room she starts to eat her poop.
The more I understand the source of my dog’s behavior, the better I can help him cope with the underlying issues.

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