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The key to getting your dog to stop chewing your stuff is to teach him to chew on his stuff. But, you can prevent them from chewing inappropriate objects like shoes and furniture by providing them with appropriate items like bones and toys. Stride (gum) – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaStride is a brand of chewing gum created by Cadbury Adams (owned by Kraft Foods).
Mouthing And Biting Behaviors In PuppiesTeething is more likely to involve gnawing or chewing on household objects.
ChewingWe don't really want to stop our dogs chewing, we simply want to re-direct the behaviour on to designated dog toys.

Dog Odor – Wikipedia, The Free EncyclopediaExcessive licking and chewing of the area is one indication of this.
Lack of leadership can cause anxiety in your dog and anxiety is handled by your dog in chewing, barking etc. Good leadership, patience and setting your dog or puppy up to be successful takes work, but in the long run a lot less work and aggravation than not teaching your dog. Don't discipline your dog for chewing something you deem inappropriate after the fact .
Puppies chew on everything, and they can ruin your belongings, not to mention harm themselves.

But if your adult dog is chewing your stuff, you can have a very expensive dog behavior problem. If you leave shoes, tv remotes, kid’s toys all over the place before the puppy or dog understands not to touch, then you are continually setting the dog up to fail and you are consistently promoting learned behavior you do not want.
The more emotion and interest you put on the wrong item, the more interesting it is to the puppy or dog.

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