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You face a critical question the first night you bring a puppy home; one that might address the barking problem.
The best advice for dealing with a puppy that barks at night is to essentially tell them to suck it up and get used to sleeping alone.
If you are considering using a training collar, let's make a deal we can both be happy with for your pup. There are several dog barking control solutions to choose from, the best of which will differ according to your dog’s breed and personality and your preferred training method. Shock collars specifically for dog barking control either pick up vibrations from the vocal chords or are activated by the sound of barking. Some electronic dog barking collars however have an optional vibration or tone feature that warns the dog that an electronic impulse will follow if she does not correct her behavior. The vibration can also be used for dogs with hearing difficulties. Barking may be caused by excitement if your dog is not receiving enough mental or physical stimulation.
Also known as cordectomy, de-barking is a surgical procedure where the vocal cords are partially removed as a form of dog barking control. Being stuck in the car during a long drive while your dog is barking nonstop is enough to make anyone crazy.
For any new dog owner, handling all of the loud barking of a new puppy can be quite an unnerving experience.
Training your dog to stop barking excessively, whether in or out of your absence, is a fairly simple process.
The Puppy Institute is a leading source for information on dog training techniques, dog training programs, dog training equipment and general dog care.

You've found the perfect puppy and brought it home to spend the next 10 to 15 years with you in blissful happiness.
If you ignore the barking, the dog will eventually realize the behavior does not produce the desired reward they desire. In such cases, it is not always necessary to use the shock feature of the collar at all, which makes it a harmless and effective training tool. While your dog is barking, do not speak to him, look at him, touch him, or give him any other form of attention. By acting, you tell the dog barking is a way to get the reward it wants whether that reward is attention, food or something else the dog desires.
Puppies tend to be sprinters more than marathon runners since they are physically small and still developing.
In order to control barking, you need to teach your dog when it is acceptable to bark and when he should remain quiet. Collars deliver the command to stop barking in the form of an electric shock, spray, or unpleasant sound. This is the last lesson you want the puppy to learn because it will start applying the lesson to other areas of its life. If you expect a puppy to go to sleep when it has plenty of energy, it simply isn't going to happen. Yes, you must make it a habit to take the puppy outside for a bathroom session every single night just before bed. For instance, if she is barking at people outside in the street, you can take her away from the window or close the curtains.

Due to the risks involved in the surgery and anesthesia, and because of the harmful and irreversible damage done to your dog, most dog owners agree that this cruel procedure should be avoided at all cost.
Even though they may be new to their crate, puppies naturally do not want to relieve themselves where they are sleeping.
If she is barking while you are on a walk or at noises she can hear in the distance, you will probably need to try a different method.
In most cases, your puppy has just been removed from a litter where it slept in a warm pile of its brothers and sisters. Stick to this schedule and your puppy should be able to make it through night, which eliminates one cause of barking. Get through the night and then start a program of tiring out that little fur ball an hour or two before you want them to go to bed.
If you put them in a crate at night and head off to the bedroom, the puppy is faced with spending the night alone for what is often the first time in their life.
Your goal is just to wipe out that puppy energy, so giving the dog physical and mental stimulation is the key.

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