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I’m going to let you peek into my world and learn how a professional dog trainer solves this type of behavior problem. I noticed that every time he would start digging holes he was in the yard playing with a friend’s dog, unsupervised.
Next, I needed to figure out if he would dig ANY TIME he was left alone in the yard or if it was only when another dog was present. To figure this out, I simply left the dog in the yard alone with access to the rose garden several times… and came back to find that he had not dug.

So… it stands to reason that the only time my dog is digging in the yard is when there is another dog in the yard. Now, I know that to fix any behavior problem I need to make the dog experience a NEGATIVE ASSOCIATION with the actual ACT of doing that behavior. In this case, I must be 100% diligent to never leave Forbes unsupervised in the yard when there is another dog in the yard. The next step is to make sure that he associates that negative (correction) just as he starts to dig.

The Lazy Man’s Way to fix this problem behavior is to use a remote electronic collar (e-collar). When using the e-collar for this behavior, I’d turn the setting up to the high level.

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