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Unfortunately, putting these problems down to adolescence and hoping the dog will grow out of them, is a very flawed strategy. Another common concern from owners of young dogs, is that running off, and ignoring their calls means their dog doesn’t like them.
Even then, most dogs are very forgiving and really do like to be with their owners a lot of the time.
In theory, the dog then provides the correct response to that cue, and in this case, heads towards you at speed.
The objective of dog training is to get this unthinking, unquestioning response to our cues 99% of the time.

To get to the point where the dog responds to your cue without thinking, you need to create an automatic response in your dog. But it is really important now that you generate lots of scenarios in which the dog is able to complete a great recall in response to your cue.
Today, I am letting you know that there are tools available that will help you in many ways for training your dog. One reason you may want to use this online dog training is: If your dog runs away while off leash.
Check the link here, Online Dog Training from Doggy Dan’s Essential Dog Training Online.

Doggy Dan will guarantee that his method will absolutely work for you and your dog… and I tell you this with confidence.

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