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Behavioral problems all stem from somewhere, but you should take into consideration that your troublesome little pup may not be entirely to blame for his or her chewing fascination.
If you’ve made sure that your pet is in good health and chewing is still a persistent problem, there are three specific things you must do to curb the issue. Even if your dog is responding well to being corrected, you must also encourage chewing on the right items. Founder of Chelsea Dogs, I have a huge love for all animals especially dogs, horses and elephants.
You’ll inevitably end up with pet hair all over your clothes and a dent in your wallet from an emergency veterinary visit.

First, you should rule out the possibility that your dog is suffering from a medical issue that is causing him or her to act out. Your dog could be trying to draw attention to something that is causing him or her discomfort or pain. Dogs that chew can destroy your favorite chair before you even recognize an issue has developed, but luckily this is one of the easier problems to correct.
If he or she does not respond, remove him from the area so that he can’t get to the piece of furniture in question. Even rawhide works as long as your dog is supervised with it (rawhides can break apart when they become too soft and cause choking hazards).

If your dog doesn’t begin to understand that chewing the furniture is bad on his own, you can invest in anti-chewing aids such as bitter apple spray.
Let your pet know that it is okay to chew on his or her toys and hopefully they will begin to lose interest in your furniture all on their own!The most effective method of curbing negative behavior in dogs is often the most overlooked: exercise. An active dog is a happy, healthy dog that will be too exhausted to chew on your coffee table at the end of the day.

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