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Also by mixing with other pups in their litter they quickly realize that biting too hard can lead them into trouble and a possible fight. One method of training a dog not to bite is to recreate the situation it has been taken from. This entry was posted in Dog Health and tagged Barking Control, exercises for dogs, dog training, Dog Biting, dogs behavior. She noticed that Maxie’s biting habits were excessive and quizzed us on his behavior. In addition to losing our beloved dog we could also find ourselves with heavy fines and legal expenses.

Your puppy was taken from a litter where it would have learned many lessons therefore try to get your puppy to mix with other dogs. If the other dogs are also young then they too would not have the strength to cause damage, if the dogs are older they will realise the offending pup is only young and they will treat him firm but gentle. Maxie grew into a well behaved dog but there was one naughty behavior we couldn’t train out of him. If this had continued Maxie would have become stronger and his bites more dangerous, it had to stop.
The sooner you can do this the less chance there is of your puppy hurting other dogs as he would not have developed the strength to cause damage.

The sooner training begins with a young dog, she said, the easier it is to achieve success. Later the same day he came out a little bit less of a dog than when he went in but after recovering from his operation he was also a lot less frisky.
She then warned that if we didn’t stop Maxie biting there was a good chance we would be visiting her one day with Maxie and leaving without him.

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