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I LOVE to lick all kinds of stuff!Stop Dog Licking.Dog licking is natural but sometimes a dog wont stop licking! Dogs that lick compulsively can get into some sticky and potentially dangerous situations, let alone being an irritating habit. Every time you catch her licking, bang something loudly and yell "No!" very authoritatively. It's a little hard to keep licking when you're supposed to do something your master or mistress commands. Dogs that lick themselves usually do so because the area they're tending to is injured or bothersome. Couches, carpets and bathtubs are often victims of thorough canine tongue cleanings, and for good reason: dogs easily find crumbs or residue on those objects that they enjoy lapping up. Once you rule out medical problems, crumbs and food or chemical residue, it's time to start digging into what's causing your dog to lick everything he can. Simply shaking an orange juice carton might trigger his behavior if he's had his ears cleaned, because you have to shake the ear solution before using it.

Don't be inconsistent - every single time you catch her, you must respond this way so that she comes to associate the licking with an unpleasant noise and your disapproval. While it is possible to medicate a dog for such behavior, this should be treated as a last resort and it's much better to find some behavioral changing methods first. Dogs will scratch repetitively with their paws or gnaw incessantly; target areas can include the whole body, or specific areas, like the backside, legs, and feet. Make sure you are using products that are approved for your pet (don't use dog products on cats, for example).
Most veterinarians will start by asking a few questions to understand the history of the problem.
Licking your carpet is usually a sign of compulsive behavior, while wetting his paw might indicate an injury. A bit of milk that was unknowingly spilled on the carpet will keep your dog's attention for quite some time. Miksen has written a variety of technical and business articles throughout his writing career.

It may be as simple as restoring an upset routine back to normal or at least spending more time with your dog again.
And although it's disgusting for humans, soap is a tasty treat for some dogs, and there's no better place to find leftover residue than a bathtub.
For a situation you can't put a stop to, such as fireworks or thunder, condition him to accept it by introducing him to a mild version of the situation and rewarding him for being calm.
Even if you're fairly certain as to what's bothering him, visit your vet, as your dog might have allergies, fleas, skin infections or another medical problem that needs attention.
Different species tend to infest dogs and cats, but the result is often the same: pruritus.

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