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In this Sunday, March 3, 2012 photo, Lori Weise, center, stands with Akasha, one of her rescued pit bulls, as she helps students during a training and obedience class for pit bulls at the Los Angeles Coliseum in downtown Los Angeles. We wholeheartedly endorse and refer Michelle to all of our friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers we meet at the dog park!  Michelle, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for equipping us to be the type of dog owners that we always desired to be but didn’t necessarily know how to be, and for molding Lola and Mac into the breed ambassadors we always knew they were capable of becoming.  We look forward to our next set of sessions with Lola, and are excited for our future as dog owners thanks to you.
I was trying to get our foster pup into the tub and all 3 of our dogs jumped into the tub to get hot dogs.

She should go to a home with no other dogs unless the person is experienced in GENTLY managing a resource guarder. Weise created Downtown Dog Rescue 16 years ago in the back of a furniture factory on the edge of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles to help the homeless with their dogs. Since the early days of the rescue she has paid for thousands of surgeries and placed or fostered thousands of dogs and provided meals for man and mutt.

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