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We had seen other, more commercial brands of rope leash before, but Krebs was cheaper, made by a small family owned business, and best of all, used recycled rope and materials.
Krebs Recycle collects both pre-consumer and post consumer recycled climbing rope from guide services, climbing gyms, and rope manufacturers in the U.S. Krebs Recycle inspects the rope, washes it, if necessary, and then cuts it to length for dog leashes. The silver and blue rope is in perfect condition, and while Porter may not care much how he looks, I am pleased that it matches his brown fur nicely. Well, according to the product page, Krebs gets the fabric they use to secure the ends of the rope from Tom Bihn‘s scraps! So I ordered a 6ft silver leash for Porter, and now that it has arrived I am thrilled at our choice. The stitching is solid and strong-looking, and the ends are melted to prevent fraying, making the leash even more durable.

Rope that is not suitable for commercial use is set aside for a secondary recycler that can re-process the rope for commercial uses such as furniture stuffing. After the leashes are finished, we ship them to retail locations, typically to retail locations in the Pacific Northwest. So not only is this a family owned pet supply company that recycles, they are recycling from gear we all likely know and love! For just a bit more than a generic leash, you can get your dog one that looks great and functions far better than a plain nylon style, AND feel good knowing it is recycled as well!
90% of the time he is docile and happy to trot alongside us, but if he encounters a squirrel or one of the dogs he has decided are his nemeses, it requires lots of leash pulling and wrangling to keep him in line.
On one end is a clip to attach the leash to Porter’s collar or harness, and while I would prefer a locking carabiner (for both looks and durability), the clip seems solid and secure.
We used a simple nylon leash for quite a while, but it was painful when he pulled, plus it started to get old and smell a bit funky.

The handle end is a nice big loop, and its comfortable to grip securely without fear of rope burn if the dog pulls too hard. Our neighbor (who also has large dogs) was telling us how much he loves using his climbing rope as a leash, praising the strength, durability, and versatility of the material, so I hopped on Amazon and discovered Krebs Recycled Climbing Rope Leashes. Best of all, climbing rope is a TOUGH material, and doesn’t kink easily, so we can tie it into knots to shorten the lead if we need to keep Porter close, and undo those knots easily without ruining the material.

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