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One of the ways we can create exciting and mentally stimulating challenges for our dog is through agility. Dog agility dates back to the 1970’s in the United Kingdom as a way to entertain audiences in between more formal dog competitions such as obedience trials.
Any age, gender, and breed of dog are allowed to compete in dog agility as well as any owner.
Ask around your neighborhood and check out the groups online to find the best dog agility facility for you.

Today, dog agility is practiced worldwide and we still employ a lot of the same equipment such as weave poles, teeter-totters, and tunnels!
There are many clubs and organizations ranging from beginner to advance that you can sign up with in order to start your training.
You can simply train your dog in this sport for a fun and challenging experience or continue on in the hopes to compete in advanced agility competitions held all over the world! Working and training your dog is a fantastic bonding experience that you will both thoroughly enjoy!

On top of all of this; you and your dog will get the chance to meet many other dogs and dog enthusiasts who share the same love of agility, and we all know how important socialization is!
Maybe you’ll decide to pursue even higher levels of dog agility and travel the world with your clever critter!

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