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Of course puppy potty training a yorkie does have it’s problems and they are certainly not the easiest breed to potty train, however we have provided some free tips on the best methods for housebreaking your furry friend and have also provided a some information on the very popular yorkie poodle mix. Yorkshire Terriers have received quite a bad press when it comes to dog training especially puppy potty training.
If you are thinking about getting a Yorkie it maybe worth visiting your local rescue centers as the are more than likely going to have a selection of different yorkies, this is mainly due to…barking and due to the fact that the owner has found it difficult to potty train their yorkie. Yorkshire Terriers are very keen to learn and they won’t give up until you do so stick to the schedule listed below and you will be successful in house training your yorkie. After he has toileted have some play-time but do this after he has pooped or peed this will make him want to potty first so he gets his play-time and the treat afterwards. If you want your dog to potty in a certain amount of time, then only give your dog a certain amount of time to do his business. Be aware and supervise your dog – when training Yorkshire Terriers you need to keep a very close eye on them.

If you are still having problems you are more than welcome to ask us a question for free on our dog and puppy questions page, we aim to answer in 24 hours. Not surprisingly this mix is a cross between two breeds bred together i.e the Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle. We had a recent case of a yorkie called Fred who constantly pooped and peed not only on the carpet but also when he was on peoples laps…. However, dont expect him to potty in five minutes on the Saturday if you give him ten minutes on the Friday! Just keep in mind, when it comes to house training, every dog succeeds at a different rate.Small dog breeds can be much more challenging to train because of their intelligence, head-strong nature and mischievous personality.
Small dog breeds often view discipline and training as games and will use the opportunity to test the owner's patience.
It's not unusual for a toy dog breed to quickly understand the training being taught but still clown around to lighten the mood.Yorkies - being among the smartest and yes, most mischievous, can be especially challenging.

Sharda Baker, a well-known dog training expert, really can put an end to the messes and frustration with her online course "Potty Training in 7 Days". They may or may not be able to hold it throughout the night.Generally, the younger the puppy is, the less he can hold it. Larger, older dogs that are healthy have the ability to hold it for six to eight hours during the day and eight to ten hours over night - but that's a lot to expect from a tiny Yorkshire Terrier. Instead, put him in a small room such as a laundry room or bathroom where he can eliminate in an area on newspaper if he needs to, and still keep his sleeping and food area separate.Remember that house training dogs is not an easy task -- it will take a few weeks and even months before your adult dog or puppy is house trained but be patient, consistent and understanding to your dog’s needs and I’m sure you will be able to do it!

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