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Today, I decided to put 100 human foods for dogs together and share my complete collection with you. When it comes to letting your dog eat edamame, it’s best to keep this snack to a light minimum. Dogs can eat broccoli in small amounts with no health concerns, however this is generally true for larger dogs.
Dogs can eat all colors of bell peppers, and truth be told, they’ll enjoy them all too. Though rare, it’s possible some dogs may have minor negative effects such as irritation on the skin when they come in contact with Cinnamon. Interestingly enough, when dogs are sick, stressed and have skin diseases, scientists discovered dogs had lower amounts of vitamin C in their bloodstream. When you feed your dog oranges research has also shown that the same is true for dogs as it is humans. When pineapples are added to their diet, their ability to absorb essential nutrients is heightened.
Dogs who eat honey take in vitamins B1-6 and C, several hormones, proteins, minerals and enzymes. Dogs who eat ham also ingest large amounts of salt and fat, which in return, causes diarrhea and vomiting.
As a whole grain, chances are you already know it’s not easily digestible in the stomachs of dogs. But there a few precautions when trying to determine if a dog can or can’t eat bread.
While a lick or two will only cause sour taste bud shock, eating a whole lemon or slice itself can cause some potential problems. Regardless, if eating in large amounts it can cause digestive system irritation especially in younger dogs and puppies. The amount of theobromine and caffeine do however, vary depending on what type of chocolate your dog eats.
From digestive to cardiovascular support, you might be surprised at all the health benefits Cauliflower has to offer dogs. Sure, the stinky smell may seem toxic to your nose, but consider all of the good that goes into your pet when they eat Cabbage. It’s also been said that cabbage can help dogs who have night blindness thanks to its high vitamin A content. Remember to feed beans in moderation as dogs aren’t ideally equipped to digest these complex carbohydrates. For generations greyhounds that raced the track and sled dogs that plowed through the snow ate one thing: Raw meat. With multiple benefits to dogs eating raw meat treats there’s also some potential risk to factor in. Dogs who eat raspberries will enjoy fiber, antioxidants, copper, iron, magnesium, vitamin C, K, B and more.
Overall, quinoa seeds can be a great replacement for picky eaters or dogs with sensitive stomachs.
If you’re wondering about the seeds inside of the pumpkin, yes you can dogs those too! For dogs with gastrointestinal and indigestion problems, potatoes and rice can often be a great cure. What makes onions so toxic to eat is that they contain both disulfides and sulfoxides (thiosuplhate). If your dog eats onions you may notice symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and breathlessness. Dogs who eat olives can benefit from vitamin A, E, K, calcium, protein, and healthy monounsaturated fats in their diet. Both green and black olives can lower cholesterol levels in dogs and pep them up with lasting energy too. Some dogs are allergic to grains like wheat, but oatmeal can be a great replacement, even though it does contain very tiny amounts of gluten.
While homemade gelatin treats are safe to eat, Jello on the other hand can cause some serious health problems.

Recent research has shown kidney failure in occurs some dogs, but there still remains a big mystery over grapes. While grapefruit may have many health benefits in humans, the opposite can be said for dogs.
Now, it’s been said egg whites can cause a biotin deficiency in dogs, but it takes a lot of raw eggs for that to happen.
Allow dogs to eat them in moderation as too much sodium and fat can lead to things like bladder stones, pancreatitis, and artery blockage. Dogs and humans alike, everybody loves that melt in your mouth sugary sweet taste from caramel candy. And chances are you’ve heard that rice is an excellent remedy for dogs suffering from digestive problems like diarrhea or upset stomachs. No matter what you chose, both are great choices for senior dogs thanks to their ability to easily digest. Dogs can typically enjoy eating around two to three blueberries in one sitting as a healthy treat. Some berries dogs can’t eat like holly, mistletoe, poke and juniper, but when it comes to blackberries their perfectly safe to eat. With smaller dogs it’s a bit easier to exceed the daily intake of 10%, and when that happens, so do the problems. The result was more profound, considering it’s believed cows have a much faster rate of digestion than dogs. It’s possible this may be the solution, but others argue the sulphur content found in Pineapple, makes poop unbearable un-tasty.
When dogs eat Kale they are ingesting the oxalates found in other foods that make you toot, like spinach.
This sweet substance not only tastes good for bears, dogs and humans like, but it’s also rich in nutrients and acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory. I’ve heard numerous stories of dogs eating honey for everything from ear infections to skin issues, allergies and more. Dogs will chew their way down to the core and just like a bone, they’ll try to eat it. When dogs eat it, the fatty acids will cover up the unwanted and stinky bacteria in your dog’s mouth.
However, when letting your dog eat peaches it’s best to avoid giving them the pit due to their size. You know, the two dogs sharing a romantic candle-lit dinner with one spaghetti noodle bringing them together. It will also help relieve constipation, support a healthy colon and regulate blood sugar levels in dogs with diabetes. Science has shown this antimicrobial and non-toxic human food can potentially reduce indigestion, diarrhea and gas in dogs. When dogs eat raw meat they can potential achieve a shiny coat, healthy skin, lasting energy, cleaner teeth, and balanced stools.
While cheese is safe for dogs to eat, it can be difficult to digest as dogs are lactose intolerant.
Oats can improve the gastrointestinal function in dogs thanks to their high level of soluble fiber. When feed to younger dogs it can go a long way in helping prevent joint and cartilage problems in the future.
Stools may also seem to improve as Gelatin can do wonders for the digestive system in dogs.
Certain dogs can eat grapes with little to no health consequences, while others will find themselves in life-threatening situations. When your dog refuses to eat and their urination decreases, it can be a serious sign to go to the vet immediately. Small amounts of grapefruit when eaten can cause diarrhea, depression, sensitivity to light and vomiting. However, understand that dogs have a shorter digestion tract and a higher immunity to bacteria.
These can affect your dogs digestion, especially if they are younger or in their senior years.

Fistein can go a long way in senior dogs to improve memory function, and guard against nerve cell deterioration caused by old age. Some dogs may be allergic to cashews and show symptoms such as hives, sodium toxicosis or anaphylactic shock.
To make matters worse caramel is sticky and will want to stay on your dog’s teeth long after they eat it.
And while vanilla on its own isn’t toxic for dogs to eat, the alcohol in vanilla extract is. Worry not, blueberries themselves are non-toxic human foods with incredible health benefits for dogs.
The silicon in blueberries has been shown to improve and support cognitive functions in senior and ageing dogs. Not to mention, as an added plus, edamame beans contain omega-3 fatty acids for promoting a health immune system and radiant coat for dogs. The botulism spores are tolerated by adult and mature dogs, thanks to their developed immune system.
They’ve been shown to slowly elevate the metabolism, improve digestion and provide lasting energy in dogs. Yet it hasn’t stopped some pup parents claiming lemons can rid fleas and bad breath away from dogs.
Plus, with a high level of fiber, this great garden snack can also help support dogs with digestive issues. Marketing aside, some question if dogs can stand to benefit from following an evolutionary diet. If eaten, dogs can experience a wide range of symptoms from loss of appetite, CNS depression, weakness, vomiting and more. Dogs who eat pistachio nuts will likely experience gastrointestinal upset with the possibility of diarrhea or vomiting.
Some research has even shown kiwis can potentially improve respiratory function and ward off macular degeneration as dogs age. It’s toxic and can result in seizures and death in dogs even in small, trace amounts. Pets who can eat crab legs will enjoy a heart-healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids and high protein, in addition to lots of vitamins and minerals.
When fed to dogs cashews can help heal inflammation and support a shiny, radiant and soft coat.
This sweet and spongy human food is safe for dogs to eat, but in terms of nutrition it’s actually quite void. In any event, dogs who were feed honey stopped scratching and some of their mysterious disappeared. Some peppermint candies and human foods can contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol which is exceptionally toxic to dogs. Not to mention, eating excessive levels of omega-6 found in peanut butter can cause inflammation.
When dogs eat pumpkin they’ll not only enjoy the taste, but also help support their digestive system.
In fact, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center has reported a significantly growing number of dogs being poisoned by it year after year. Not to mention, when dogs drink this tropical plant it’s like giving their skin and coat a day at the spa. If fed uncooked, quinoa seeds can cause upset stomachs, diarrhea and vomiting in some dogs. In 2003 to 2004 alone, 140 cases were reported by the APCC, with 50 dogs showing health symptoms and 7 dying from consuming grapes. Dogs are lactose intolerant and don’t have enough of the lactase enzyme needed to process Cheese in their body.

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