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If your dog is still very small, up to six months of age, are advised to ignore such behavior. If the dog started to eat faeces, you must call him to himself, and give him a toy to distract his attention from the poop. If you are entering a dog on a leash, pull it out immediately as soon as he tries to eat faeces.

I believe this is a very normal and natural behavior in some dogs, fortunately for myself i haven’t yet had the pleasure of dealing with a dog that displays Coprophagia. Her animal family has included 13 Alpine Goats, 40 Chickens, 20 Turkeys, 3 Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs, a number of Turtles, 2 Raccoons, 1 Opossum , her share of Cats and Dogs, and a Bearded Dragon named Shirley.
Also, poop eating, always draws master attention, so this way the dog may require attention.

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