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If you're going to give your pup a human meal (Zena gets a human meal as dogs actually bore of dog food!) and it's from our meal, I make it before we sit down and then put it by the fridge to cool off.
We're in doggy school right now and we're learning to hold "Down Stay" where the dog lays down and stays for extended period of times. A few months ago we did a post giving 5 tips on ways to keep your dog safe during Thanksgiving. Even if your dog doesn’t develop this serious disease, the extra snacks are not going to help his weight problem. The reason why your dog is begging to begin with is because he knows he’s going to get a handout.
I’m looking for some ideas on how to stop my dog and cats from begging for their own food before it’s time for them to be fed.
The only tips I could find on this are about how to stop a dog from begging for a person’s food.

After all, dogs can't magically tell the difference between "OK begging" and "not OK begging" so you must make begging never OK.
Feeding our dogs scraps from the table not only demonstrates our lack of self control, it can be harmful to our dog’s health.
More than half of American dogs are either overweight or obese, and giving in to his begging isn’t going to make them lose any weight—in fact it will do the opposite. For instance, teach your dog to sit or lay down outside the kitchen while you’re eating dinner. We noticed that you usually have to pay for the majority of resources out there that are really beneficial to dog owners, so we decided that there should be a place where quality content is made available for dog owners like yourself—for free.
In fact, I make North do a full sit before I put his dish on the ground – he's not allowed to go to it until I give him the release command. As soon as they make a move for it I make a noise like EH (a loud disapproving noise) and take the food away.

He knows that when he has begged previously, he has been rewarded for it, so he will continue begging—unless there is no reward. Although we might have some paid content to keep DoggieBuddy running, all information on this site is free.
Our goal is to help you grow a stronger, more worthwhile bond with your dog, a bond that will last a lifetime. It makes perfect sense when you offer it to them for free … they will fall over themselves to join your list to get it. They say to give them a bed or a special area to do this in, so the dog knows to go to their special spot when people are eating.

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