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During 15 weeks of training, the dogs learn to associate the smells of explosives with two coveted rewards—a tennis ball and an over-the-top, thigh-slapping, dog-rubbing reaction from Heiser that goes something like this: "WOO-HOO! By the time Heiser finishes training the dogs, they can sniff out 16 types of explosives, pinpointing a bomb's location to within a foot.
With the right training, dogs can sniff out even the tiniest amount of explosive, whether it's on a person's hands or clothing, hidden behind walls or planted under a car.

The phones at Heiser’s Southern Coast K9 training school in Daytona Beach, Florida, ring constantly with inquiries about purchasing dogs for sniffing out drugs and explosives.
But Heiser—who has been training dogs for nearly 15 years— is extremely picky when selecting dogs.

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