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Buy Magic Tricks: The Magic Depot in Oklahoma stocks thousands of magic tricks and supplies, like Invisible Dog Leash! When you are pulling an invisible dog that does not exist in fact, not only do not worry about dogs run around, nor no place to store over Beware of urine, issues are resolved, but also attracted everyone`s attention, in 2009 the latest ideas, invisible dog . But there are also quite a few restaurants into the show, also put the entrance basin, indicating the invisible dog welcome drink, of course, dog owners really take "them" in the past thirst miles!

That help people to walk the dog`s younger brother, also received a few invisible dog CASE, also performed a very tough shape. For added confusion give your invisible canine a name, have him do tricks and stop at each passing fire hydrant for a pee stop! The lead is attached to a muzzle and supported in a sloped fashion, making it look like it is guiding an invisible dog when held correctly.

It also features a hidden water squirter that allows the invisible dog to urinate on command.

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