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So if like us and today you are celebrating your horses birthday I hope you give your equine friend a carrot and a cuddle, or maybe if they are lucky they will even get a cake, carrot cake of course.
Ask or answer questions about training or handling problems, and your horse riding equipment.
Ask or answer questions about horse health, care and feeding, or breed specific information.
Pony Breeds ArticlesAll About PoniesInformation about ponies, horse backgrounds and history of miniature horses, pony breeds, equestrian disciplines, and pony care tips. Enter your Freshwater Aquarium Enter parameters for your Freshwater Aquarium to get compatibility information while browsing.Fish FinderSearch our database for compatible pets!
Light Horse ArticlesAll About Light Horses Information about light horse breeds, backgrounds and history of hot-blooded and warmblood light horses with horse class, equestrian discipline, and horse training by body types: stock type, hunter type, saddle type and others.
Light horses are grouped in a couple of different ways, one being the continent or country where they originated from. Working on the small, steep mountain farms in the Alps, these hardworking horses have been affectionately referred to as the "tractor of the Alps". Riding your horse in a parade can be a rewarding enjoyable experience, or it can be dangerous and scary. Paring your horse with a solid confident horse to ride next to is another way to help keep your horse thinking instead of reacting. If you get to the parade and your horse is overreacting, consider just keeping your horse at the trailer and using the experience as a training session.
5.If your horse seems upset, consider just tying him to the trailer to get used to the sights and sounds of a parade or arrange for you and a helper to walk him in the parade.
10.If you’re in a parade that has a lot of stopping and waiting, try to keep your horses feet moving by circling the other riders or other means.
Horse shows are about competition, showing how good a horse person you are and winning ribbons. Pleasure classes: these are not judged on the rider's ability, but much weight is given to the performance of the horse - "how pleasureable" is the horse to ride.
There is also sometimes a showmanship class, standing alongside your horse, you walk it through a pattern that is posted about one hour before the show.
In the stock horse section, the rider demonstrates their horse's paces at the walk, jog (trot), and lope (cantor).

The Right Saddle for Cutting or ReiningFor cutting and reining horse events, you definitely need a saddle that’s designed to help you "ride in balance and sit the stop." First, you want a saddle that was designed and built specifically for reining or cutting. Species: There are three species of horse, the Tarpan, Mongolian Wild, and Domesticated horse. Lifespan: Domestic horses usually live to be 25-30 years old, though there have been some that have lived as long as 40 years!
Horses are measured in "hands", which is roughly the width of a mans hand and is considered 4 inches! Today is the 1st of August which means I need a lot of carrots and a good singing voice to sing Happy Birthday to all our horses. We have complied a short list of some of the more popular horse breeds with a picture, so that you can more easily identify the breed types we are referencing.
Ponies varying in size and other characteristics, but all share some basic traits that differ from other horse types. These miniature horses have ancient bloodlines connecting their ancestry back to the oldest breed of horse.
It is also important that you download updates frequently to catch all new Trojan horses, viruses and worms. These attractive multi-talented horses are known for their longevity and excellent disposition.
Because strict attention is paid to the breeding of these horses, flaws causing unsoundness are highly discouraged.
Both of these designs have their individual advantages but remember, just because the manufacturer "calls" it a reining saddle doesn’t mean it was designed "well" for reining.Browse more horse training resources that will help you better train your horse. Often horses will fight to find their place in a herd and find out who is more dominant than another.
Evolving from extremely harsh environments with nutritionally poor vegetation has resulted in their being small, sturdy horses. Though they are quite small, standing between 13 to 15 hands high, these horses are not ponies. Powerful and hardy, these hard-working horses were used by farmers for pulling, as pack horses, and for transportation. The last trail horse I had would stop as far away as he could hear me even when someone else was riding him.

All events are timed, and you lose points if the horse knocks over any fences, refuses a jump, or the rider falls.
These include their being evolved from northern heavy draft horse breeds or from southern light horse breeds, and also from wild races. Wash it every time you use it, and then oil the leather parts a few times a year.Browse some different types and styles of synthetic and leather horse tack available online. At 59 I thought that I may not get another horse but have started looking for another Arabian. Trojans can erase or overwrite the most serious data on your computer, corrupt files, spread of malware such as viruses, spy on the user of a computer and secretly report data like browsing habits to other people, keystrokes registration to steal information such as passwords and credit card numbers, phishing for bank account details (which can be used for criminal activities), and even install a backdoor into your computer system so they can come and go as they please. After falling off of me OTTB a few years ago I have lost most of my confidence when riding this horse. In some countries they pull carts or other types of horse drawn vehicles and are used as pack animals.
All are smaller than the heavy draft horses and the majority are smaller than light horses.
They range in size from those that are actually larger than a small full-sized horse to others that are barely over two feet high.
Some breeds, like the Shetland Ponies, are extremely strong and can pull as much weight as a draft horse.
Ponies can also show in dressage, equitation, and other events, with top ponies even being competitive against full sized horses. Pony Care Ponies are well known for their superior intelligence and with good horse training, more tractable temperaments.
Feeding: Due to their rugged evolution, nearly all pony breeds can thrive on a more limited diet than that of a full sized horse. Though the Pony breeds are more independent than other types of horses, most are highly social and enjoy the company of other horses.

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