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Dubious breeders may lead gullible first-time pet seekers to believe that brindle Pit Bulls are a rare breed, and thus charge a bomb for these puppies. Thank you Brandon for this great information - it will be really helpful for people thinking of owning a Pitbull. Spencer's parents—(back) his father (sire) is a blue-nose named Desination Jazz, (front) his mother (dam) is a gray and white brindle named Storm.

But if you're still curious, this Buzzle article has everything you need to know about the beautiful brindle Pit Bulls. In fact, while buying or adopting a pet, you are urged to pay more attention to the animal's health, food, and exercise requirements.At the risk of sounding repetitive, let it be known that the information and facts mentioned here will apply to all American Pit Bull Terriers, irrespective of the color of their coat or nose.

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