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One of the few terriers bred to run with the pack, the border is one of the most amiable and tractable of the group. Perhaps the oldest of Britain's terriers, the border terrier originated around the Cheviot Hills forming the border country between Scotland and England.
The dog originated to chase and dispatch the fox that were considered a nuisance to farmers.
It does like to hunt and can be independent, ingredients that make for a dog that may tend to roam if given the chance.

The smallest of the long-legged terriers, the border terrier had to be fast enough to keep up with a horse yet small enough to go in after the fox once it had gone to ground.
The breed was once known as the Coquetdale terrier (among other names), but the name border terrier, taken from the Border Hunt, was adopted in 1870.
By this time, the breed had risen from its utilitarian roots to take a valued place alongside the foxhounds in the gentry's elegant fox hunts. The Border Hunt had a long association with these game yet amiable terriers whose job it was to dispatch the fox.

Less flashy than many other terriers, the border continued to be better appreciated by patrons of the hunt than of the show ring. In recent years, it has experienced a rise in popularity and is fast becoming a fairly popular pet and successful show dog.

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