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I think dog training should be as non-confrontational as possible to be the most effective. Or the non-confrontational option; where she keeps him on a leash, gently plucks him off of the furniture whenever he gets up there (he is no longer allowed on the furniture for obvious reasons) and teaches him tactics and skills like down stays on his bed on the floor. If he has to live life on a leash and learn to do down stays on the floor that is what I am going to do. If you do it right he thinks he is training you and you avoid the ugly conflict of being bitten. He is feeding his own aggressive behaviors by being allowed to chase vehicles and he needs to be taught an alternative like sitting next to you or laying down. Maybe train your dog to jump hurdles as they show on television might be a game to start, and gradually build up and enter the dog in competition.
Learn how to teach your Yorkshire Terrier lay down in this free online dog obedience training video for new pet owners.

At Paws To Train Your Dog, we believe that training your dog is an investment in family, not impulse purchase.
Training You To Train Your Dog with Darr Houssen This Basic obedience manual is laid out in building block style. While working full time it is hard to be able train your dog as you have limited interact and teach the desired behaviors. However we found him in the park when we were walking our German shepherd and brought him home. I am and experienced dog owner and have successfully trained a couple of small dogs, an adult German Shepherd and an adult Doberman.
To avoid having to pay for anesthetic each time his nails needed cutting, I hired a trainer who assured me he could help. We live on an acerage and have a trucking company that sees a lot of traffic in and out of our yard.

After several sessions, trainer suggested we go to vet’s office for a little desensitization. When we leave we find traces of him being on the couch (dog hair, pillows on the floor, warm spot on the couch).
Next thing I know trainer picked up the dog (all 110 lbs of him) in the Ceasar MIlan style.
Next thing dog is screaming like he is terrified and in pain and snaps at the trainer again.

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