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Separation anxiety may be mild with symptoms such as whining, frantic pacing, or other anxious behavior. Recording your pup for an hour or so after you leave will give you a pretty clear idea if you have a case of separation anxiety on your hands. Lexi and I hope your New Year is going well and everyone (human and dog) is living a peaceful life. In future blogs, Lexi and I will be exploring specific techniques to handle major cases of separation anxiety and PTSD. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Leave your dog alone for five minutes, then extend the time to twenty minutes, then an hour.
One of the most common complaints of pet parents is that their dogs are disruptive or destructive when left alone. The most difficult and stressful part is systematically desensitizing your dog to your absence.
Like I said, do your research to see if this is a product you feel comfortable putting on your dog. For years humans have taken natural remedies to cope with stress, anxiety, fear, depression, terror, panic. In some cases prescription medication is also used to curb severe separation anxiety in dogs.
Research proves that specific composed music, relaxes and lowers your anxious dog’s heartbeat.

Jim Burwell, is and has been Houston’s most respected dog trainer for 30 years, serving over 11,000 clients.
Interestingly enough, I had to step out from the doggy day care today for about 30 minutes and he was fine! Posted by Kevin, a Canine To Five Customer Service Superstar and Dog Handler.  Learn more about Kevin and our other awesome team members. Anxiety type behaviors can oftentimes be contributed to a lack of leadership skills and confidence in your pet. This week we tried a kong full of dog food, sealed with unsalted peanut butter, it worked very well, but had to be washed afterwards because some of the peanut butter and dog food was soggy in the corners of the kong.
I don’t own a professional video camera, but the small Panasonic camera I do own has the ability to record video. Take a moment to share affection and tell your dog that you will miss him way before you actually leave.
Instead, let your dog know that everything is going to be okay by projecting the confident energy of a pack leader. Continue to increase the time you spend away until you can leave for a full eight hours without any more dog problems!
Leaving the dog with a pile of dirty laundry can help it feel close to owners who have gone out. This is a time consuming process that can stress your dog if you push too hard (required to stay alone longer than he can tolerate.) The process must be gradual and can take months and in some cases even longer. Before I talk about the 3 helpful tools, it’s important that you know where they fit in the process of modifying your dog’s separation anxiety.

If you have any questions about whether your pup needs help dealing with his or her behavior, be sure and take your video to the vet so the correct treatment can be given. While it’s not completely clear why some dogs suffer this and others do not, it is something that can be treated. Depending on the severity of the dog anxiety, you may need to practice the rule for five minutes or up to an hour before you leave and when you get back.
These can help your dog tolerate his time away from you much easier than he could without them. A dog with separation anxiety will exhibit signs of distress when its owner leaves and will dig, scratch at doors, chew, vocalize, and have accidents.  Punishing the behavior will not help. You should do your own research so that you are comfortable with the tools or products before you use them.
If you have a larger place, you may wish to contain your pup in one room.  Or you can place the camera facing the door, since this is where a dog with separation anxiety is likely to be.
Talk to your veterinarian about options that may include desensitization and, in some cases, anti-anxiety medications or supplements.

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