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Ask your dog to sit every time you stop at a crossing point or every time you stop.If you are very consistent and ALWAYS ask your dog to sit at every street corner and every time you stop for any reason, then your pooch will eventually learn to do it on his own.
Dogs usually bark for one of two reasons: they are cared or more likely they want attention. In order to get them out of the habit of barking, we have to stop teaching your dog not to bark by reinforcing this behavior in the first place and rewarding the dog with our attention every time it barks at you. The first tip on teaching your dog not to bark is the you need to remember that your dog doesn’t need your attention 24 hours a day.
If things become really bad and desperate measure are called for in teaching your dog not to bark, then they should be taken quickly.  One method is a bark collar.
If you notice another dog, kid or person coming your way, and you know your pooch will  be afraid or overexcited, then gently call him to walk in a different direction. For this to be reliable, reward your hound the first few times, as you are training the sit.
And remember that it takes time and practice, your dog’s leash manners will not go away after one walk. Habitual barking will always show up as a need to get attention.as there should be no reason that you dog is perpetually scared.
We shower them with affection and attention, right to the time we have to go to bed or leave for work and then they are left with nothing to do.

Purchase some chew toys or a Kong toy so that he has something to do that is not related with you and he will so learn not to rely on you for all his entertainment.
You need to start teaching your dog not to bark all day and night so that you will get some sleep and not make enemies out of your neighbors.
This is a self-control exercise and teaches your pet that good things come only when he is calm. That is why head halters and chest-clip harnesses work so well, they provide pressure in places that naturally make the dog want to walk slower.
Never use a choke chain, slip collar or pinch collar on your dog, these can harm your furry friend in the long run. Most dog crave attention from their owners and that is where you need to start teaching your dog not to bark to get your attention.
Sit on a different side of the room from him or go about your daily tasks with him in another area.
Chews and toys should keep him busy while you aren’t home and will help in teaching your dog not to bark all day long.
Dog walking should be relaxing and enjoyable for both you and your pet, the advice written here will help you accomplish this. You can devote a specific chunk of time in your day to snuggling on the couch or petting you pup, but do not let physical affection control  your relationship when you are not home.

You can even purchase ones that increase in intensity if you dog continues his none stop barking. Always remember to be consistent, patient and to practice a lot for best results when using these dog walking tips.
This exercise teaches your canine friend that walking near you and checking-in with you is rewarding!
Just because you and your animal are in the same house or room does not mean you should be affectionate all the time. Teaching your dog not to bark is one of the hardest thing to train in a dog, but it can be done. Save praise for when you dog does something right or when you training, not because he is just there in the room. Mostly, they just frighten your dog  and get your dog to associate that shock with his barking, encouraging him to no longer bark.

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