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So I thought I would devote my post today on separation anxiety in dogs and how we came through it on the other side. The Thundershirt for dogs wraps around your pet and makes them feel confident by applying gentle pressure by the way it wraps around him or her.
The Thundershirt calmed BINGO down, but it didn’t solve his separation anxiety or stop him from barking non-stop. For anyone who has dealt with separation anxiety in dogs, you know how incredibly stressful it is when your pet is in distress. BINGO + Peppers are now best friends and I credit Peppers for teaching BINGO how to be a dog.

I definitely recommend it – we did this class through Petsmart and great for separation anxiety in dogs. A long walk in the morning, one at lunch, one mid-afternoon and a long one at night helps with separation anxiety in dogs. He is so incredibly smart, that I can only imagine how scared and confused he felt when his last owner either lost or abandoned him (he had no tags and no microchip). He didn’t know how to play with toys or take to dog treats, so I wonder if he was crated and ignored for much of his early days. Dealing with separation anxiety in dogs is trying, but I am so amazed at all the progress BINGO has made.

If you’re dealing with separation anxiety in dogs, this collar with lots of training and trial runs is worth trying!

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