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March 22, 2013 by Sarah If you have a new puppy, your hands and arms are likely covered in bite and scratch marks, and at least a few of your favorite sweaters have holes designed by sharp puppy teeth. The timeout area can be his crate, exercise pen, a small puppy-proofed room with a door, his leash or other tether, or outdoors if you have a fenced yard. To use time-outs effectively, pick a word or phrase to use every single time you put your puppy in time out. The time-out should last no longer than a minute, unless he is barking to leave the crate (wait for a bit of silence before opening the door), you are finished playing with him or need to leave the house. Beat your pup’s cabin feverWinter classes starting soon in Athens!Help — my puppy is wild!

If you’ve laid a foundation by teaching bite inhibition (see above), time-outs can be an effective tool for teaching the puppy not to put his mouth on people.
Give time-outs when your polite requests to stop biting (by stopping play) aren’t working. Then, if her teeth scratch your skin or she grabs your clothing, simply stop playing, step on the leash and cross your arms. Around age five months, as the puppy’s adult teeth settle in, we can start to request that our puppies not mouth us during play. This prevents the puppy from running away from you any other time you reach for him, and helps him understand why he is being separated from you.

Those sharp teeth that we find so painful — well, they annoy mom and the pup’s brothers and sisters, too!
Time-outs can also be effective for those wild-child times when your pup is super-stimulated and can’t calm himself down. This teaches your puppy that calm, gentle mouthing does not end play, but hard bites or bites to clothing does.

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